Amperean Portal Network

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green_infrastructure.png Portal Network

center of the portal network

Owner ampqre
Category Infrastructure
Underground? No
Public? Unknown
Coordinates X=-4593
Dimension Overworld
Settlement AmpCity
Map link

The Amperean Portal Network was a planned transportation project to rival that of SlowRiot's own Project Anubis. Like Anubis, The APN would have consisted of a network of portals linked at central hubs. Presumably, this network would have attempted to combat Anubis's admin backing with a greater number of locations or range, but if and how this would have been implemented was never shown.

Project Anubis

Plans for the Amperean Portal Network are said predate those of Project Anubis, and the system differs from its sister project in its planned flexibility and lack of railway support. Amp has purportedly received specs on Anubis, and boasts, quote: " ampqre knows the his network will be faster if not as well linked to the rails and that the Amperean Portal Network will have more nodes then Project Anubis as the amp has sworn to put a portal on YOUR door step( if you want a portal on your door step just ask the amp in-game or by msg)"

Current Status

The Amperean Portal network is currently on an indefinite hiatus.


The portal network hub was originally designed to be a mall in the short period of time when the server had NPCs vendors available. After the NPC add-on was discontinued due to lag issues the unfinished building was abandoned; only to be revisited by ampqre, imagining a central teleportation hub in the wake of the server's adoption of Craftbook. ampqre was able to complete construction, but as SlowRiot had decided to keep the teleporter command locked, the network will never be brought online.

There is a rumour that this previously incomplete portal network may potentially be linked to Project Anubis in future.