Bow Bridge

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green_bridges.png Bow Bridge
2011-06-22 15.48.35.png

View of the bridge from the side

Owner SlowRiot
Category Bridges
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Started Aug 2010
Completed Aug 2010
Size north to south 40m
Size west to east 3m
Height 20m
Coordinates X=8
Dimension Overworld
Settlement Spawn
Map link

The old bow bridge is one of the earliest constructions in Freedonia. It spans the hitherto uncrossed lake south of spawn, and historically provided the only safely passable route south. At this point, 200 blocks from spawn was considered a long distance, however as the world grew outwards, 200 blocks from spawn came to seem very close indeed.

Now maintained as a historical artefact, it is a testament to its skilled engineering that it still stands despite receiving minimal maintenance.