Case del PIPOZZ

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green_houses.png Casa del PIPOZZ

"where everything is epic"

Owner DropperOfRivia
Contributors (Mohamed Majaji) BaldObama
Category Houses
Underground? Private
Public? No
Started near the 15/10/2018
Completed nearly a week after
Size north to south 60m
Size west to east 40m
Height 50m
Coordinates X=3926
Dimension Overworld
Settlement Milva
Map link

The Case del PIPOZZ complex is the rural side of the Milva territory, in fact being it's roots back in the October of 2018 where DropperOfRivia and BaldObama started their epicness.


- Epic Smelter where I spent aroud 500 hours of playtime

- Epic collection of Diamond Hoes

- Epic Quitz Show stage

- Epic Secrets

- Epic Item Sorter that doesn't work

- Epic Modern Art installaments

- Epic Griglietor 2000

- Epic Scarecrows that make Dropper cry

- Epic Epicness all over the place.

- (Also known as GucciHouse)