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Minecraft in-game chat supports colour code prefixes that change the colour of all following text, for the duration of the line. These are mostly used by server-side scripts, plugins and other internal settings, and are provided here for admin reference along with their official minecraft internal names:

Colour codes

§4 Red
§c Rose
§6 Gold
§e Yellow
§2 Green
§a Lightgreen
§b Lightblue
§3 Cyan
§1 Navy
§9 Blue
§d Lightpurple
§5 Purple
§f White
§7 Lightgray
§8 Gray
§0 Black

Please note that these colours do not have exact correspondence to in-game dye colours.

Display modifiers

Since 1.2.4, Minecraft also supports several font colour modifiers, which affect everything onwards from their placement the same way colour codes do. New colour codes cancel any previous text modifiers, but text modifiers do not cancel previous colour codes; thus it's possible to combine any colour with any modifier.

§k jumbled text
§l bold
§m strikeout
§n underline
§o italic

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