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" " I hate unmatched quotes, but I was being attacked by a slime, so here's the closing one. " nosefish

Usual goings-on in chat, a rage comic by cheesefaceman1
Screenshot of chat, demonstrating moderator and admin colours, donor stars, PVP and death announcements and a ban announcement
Screenshot of chat, demonstrating the results of several admin/moderator commands, and a grief alert.
A IRC and BOT message viewed ingame.

In-game chat is the primary method of communication at MinecraftOnline, and the method for inputting server commands. The chat system at MinecraftOnline has multiple enhancements over the vanilla version of Minecraft.

Free speech

Game chat at MinecraftOnline affords each player the right to express whatever opinion they wish about any topic they choose - we call this absolute free speech. To find out what this means in detail, see the free speech page.


See Colour Codes for colour samples.

  • Admins' names appear in red
  • Moderators' names appear in light blue (and Mod of the Month being blue)
  • Donors are represented with a number of stars next to their name, depending on their rank.
  • Messages in relay platforms appear in-game as grey.
    • Messages from bots are in italic and prefixed with [BOT].
    • Messages from Telegram are prefixed with [TG].
    • Messages from Discord are prefixed with [DSC].
    • Messages from IRC are prefixed with [IRC].
  • Notifications of special events appear in chat:
    • PVP announcements appear in yellow.
    • PVP deaths appear in red.
    • New donations and Kit purchases appear in gold.
    • Ban messages appear in magenta.
    • rm101 messages appear in purple.
  • Messages in other languages may also be translated into English so people can understand what someone is saying.
    • A chanop on IRC can use the command !toggle_translation language to toggle if the language will be translated or not.

How to use

Press t in game to open the chat window. Type. Press enter to send.

It's amazing how many people don't seem to understand this.

Chat on other platforms

In-game chat is available on other platforms - as of now on Discord, IRC and Telegram. Unlike in-game chat, each social platform’s Terms of Service and admin-set rules apply. Users can be banned for violating its rules or by staff’s decision.

TeamSpeak was used in the past, which was faded away in time.

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