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green_towers.png Cosmic Tower

The Top Notch Building That Bears The Name of the Top Notch City.

Owner KamdenMC
Category Towers
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Size north to south 15m
Size west to east 17m
Coordinates X=-1311
Dimension Overworld
Settlement CosmicCity
Map link


Cosmic Tower is a building created by KamdenMC in CosmicCity. Cosmic Tower is in the brand new district in Cosmic City.


Cosmic Tower is still currently under construction as of the time of writing this. KamdenMC has hit the height barrier and is not able to build higher. This is a pretty big roadblock in the construction of the tower but KamdenMC will continue construction as soon as he is able to build higher.

Halted Indefinitely

Cosmic Tower was the last build of KamdenMC before being banned. He was banned while working on the tower. The building of Cosmic Tower has been halted indefinitely until KamdenMC may one day be unbanned and welcomed back to the server.