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User KamdenMC
Known as Kam
Gender Male
Location USA
Nationality Russian/American
In Freedonia
First joined 09 April 2017
First building Baze Tower
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Who am I?

Whats up, my name is Kam. I joined Minecraft Online in April 9th, 2017. Originally, I saw a YouTube video about "The oldest server on Minecraft." It piqued my curiosity so I decided to check it out. I saw that it was a free roam survival server, and that had been exactly what I was looking for. So, I decided to stay and play the server. After a few days, I really wanted to create a city. So, I traveled miles across Freedonia until I found the perfect place to start my own city, CosmicCity. Shortly after I started CosmicCity I asked for help, and Maxercrafter was quick to help out. Maxercrafter and I started the amazing city that we all know today.

Notable Events

Probably one of the most craziest experiences I had during my time in Minecraft Online was being banned. I was busy on CC and having probably some of the best times I've ever had on MC online. Then, one day I was at spawn, I started farming and accidently broke a torch without noticing, shortly after I went AFK. Inspector_Foix decided to permaban me for this. This decision by Inspector_Foix quickly sparked outrage. Only a few hours after, the server chat and IRC were flooded with the newborn hashtag, #UnbanKam. Then, after 2 months of constant hard work by me, and my friends and followers, I was finally unbanned. This caused a huge celebration on MC Online.