Eclipse Complex

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green_complexes.png Eclipse Complex
2017-03-18 21.42.03.png

A view of The Center Fountain from the top floor

Owner Chewy27_
Contributors MusheyRoom, Anna_28, RyliePylie, Savagemustang and most residents of Mount Nyan
Category Complexes
Underground? Yes
Public? Yes
Started Sometime in 2016
Completed 21/03/2017
Size north to south 89m
Size west to east 86m
Height 18m
Coordinates X=-2094
Dimension Overworld
Settlement Mount Nyan
Map Link

The Eclipse Complex is a Central Hub For Mount Nyan designed by Chewy27_. The Building Houses a Nexus Pad that goes to the Nexus South 2 hub. To start the build, a 114x114 block stone platform was built by many residents of Mount Nyan. a small snow generator and mini model of the building was made ontop of the platform. After a few weeks the main shell of the first floor was built. The Eclipse Complex is built mainly from snow, birch planks and White stained glass panes. It Has 18 rooms, (6 Hotel Rooms, 8 Main Rooms and 6 Extra rooms)

Screenshots Of The Eclipse Complex