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User Anna_28

My Minecraft Face

Known as Anna
Gender Female
Location Aotearoa (New Zealand)
DOB 1997-12-28
In Freedonia
First joined 20 March 2013
Staff member Admin
Donor level **** Donor IV
Kit level ***** Demigod
Legacy donor level ***** Aether
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About Her Anna_28 is a friendly admin on who likes to build a lot of different things and sometimes sits on the spawn welcome center to fish in spawn lake or help out any players with questions. With over 7,000 hours of time played, she is debatably the most iconic player in MCO history. As well as being a member of Batugus Builds, she likes using mobs and the Minecraft mob AI to create generators and mobs that are peaceful or follow her command.
Anna can often be found talking in IRC or Discord when she is not ingame. Anna_28 first joined the server on the 20 March 2013 using a friend's account, when her friend showed her the server. Even before getting any donor level on the server she had got on top of the spawn Visitor Centre from jumping off a ledge above it, many admins and moderators have asked her how she got up there wondering if she was breaking the rules by fly modding. Luckily she didn't get banned as she showed the staff how she got on top of the building.
After building an underground base and collecting ores and materials to build with she started to build upwards, first on the ground building a nice forest. Then later deciding to build an island in the sky with a nice little house on it with Pieapple42. This one house has now expanded into the town Batugus. Anna_28 has built many things across Freedonia, in random places across the map or in other player's towns/builds.
She often builds large farms that create resources for many player builds.
< Draglide12> anna is responsible for the farms that produce the materials most of the server is built out of
She often goes on adventures. Some of her adventures include traveling across the nether and trying to get a ghast to light a nether portal with it's fireball (didn't work but was a lot of fun) and exploring the nether to locate and move glitched ghast fireballs into the overworld. Another adventure involved trying to kill an invulnerable and invisible baby zombie, which acted as if it was a ghost and always had no health (shown as dieing when a player logged in and saw it). The ghost zombie was caused by an unknown bug in the game and is still in a lost desert city to this day. She once swam the entire Great Circle Boat Route because boats were too buggy to use at the time. Also dropping a twinchicken86 from very high place onto a boat will make the chicken die of fall damage.
On the 26th of January 2016, Anna was made an Admin on the server at the same time as darkdiplomat. Plenty of cake, cookies and pumpkin pie was around at the time.
Anna often goes around finding Bugs on the server and reporting and/or fixing them.
She also develops several things such as scripts or plugins for the server. And an IRC/Discord bot.

Other Annas

There are other different Annas in Freedonia like Anna_28, it is unknown how they came to be but they all share similar names and look similar. These other Annas have the usernames Anna_23, Anna_24, Anna_26, Anna_27, Anna_29, Anna_124 and Anna_359.

What She Likes

  • Peaceful and friendly zombies.
  • Building or exploring nice looking things.
  • Answering questions before they are asked.
  • Making useful and fun features.
  • Terra-forming.
  • Redstone and Craftbook contraptions.
  • Wiki editing. This is her 1000th wiki edit :D
  • Minecraft skin editing.
  • Wither boss mob.
  • Beacons.
  • Commandblocks and the commands used in them.
  • Fixing and reporting Bugs.
  • Helping others.
  • Pink stained glass (and pink beacon beams).
  • Fishing in minecraft.
  • Talking in IRC.
  • Friendly players.
  • All of staff team on the server.
  • Cookies.
  • All the great builds on the server.
  • The community on MinecraftOnline.
  • Fixing things.
  • Moving AFK players (especially admins) into fun places such as the void, End and glass boxes.

What She Dislikes

  • Cobblestone (only when it is pure cobble builds besides a few like the Dam and Glow's Pyramid).
  • Griefers.
  • People who try get close to breaking the rules but not close enough to be banned, and so end up being very annoying to everyone else on most cases.
  • Players with usernames representing an object but their Minecraft skin does not relate to that at all.


Server Scripts

Contributed to many scripts running on the server including a lot of commands like **/nearestplace** and **/posestand**. Updated many of these to use newer Exec features in the update to 1.12.

MinecraftOnline Resource Pack

Server resource pack which gives MinecraftOnline specific items such as reputation cookies unique textures.


Allows naming boats, armour stands, item frames, paintings, enderpearls, eyes of ender, snowballs, thrown potions, thrown xp bottles so that the entity has the item name. And the item dropped when breaking the entity keeps the name. Similar to how that works with Minecarts.

Penguin Dungeons

Allows the creation of many server events such as Petrifaction and Tour of Terror and dungeons like Shulker Ranch and Delta City with custom mobs.


Silly is an IRC and Discord bot that has many useful commands relating to MinecraftOnline, IRC, and Pokémon GO. Including the Freedonia Finder discord game.


The floating village Batugus


A settlement of floating islands near Guitar, Pokethedral and the Schloss Katzenstein with the houses made mostly by Pieapple42 and the islands made by Anna_28.
There is also zombie workers made by Anna on the islands that will walk around and take care of the islands.
An intersection inside the Batugus Labs

Batugus Labs

A large underground complex filled with public redstone and craftbook contraptions, farms, generators, grinders and many other things.

Centari Forest

A large player-made forest with many rivers and tree houses.

Alpha Line

Elysain Fields

The Iron Reef

An area where about 30 out of 64 (maybe 144 or even 256) iron farms create iron used to power most of the beacons for Batugus Builds and many other mega projects including Passive's Giant Iron Pyramid.
The spikey ice city Frostagon


A town made from natural ice spikes filled with towers that reach high into the sky. Also based of a planet on the Doctor Who episode called Midnight.

Anna's Forest

A very pretty and pink forest with snow covered ground and trees made out of white mushroom stems and pink stained glass. Some of the trees from the forest can be found across the map, most often on snowy mountain tops.


A large kingdom with the theme of Christmas and similar style of buildings to Batugus.
The Sunrise Hotel tower

Sunrise Hotel

A tall hotel out far in the new 1.7 terrain where players can start out and stay there for a while getting materials and using the public farms. Also connects to Acacia Roads.
Flower Farm entrance

Flower Farm

A flower farm located in a flower forest, planned to be expanded for more automatic flower farms and bonemeal generators.

Tayrons BioDomes

Large domes of glass made by Tayron. Inside the domes are farms and biomes made by Anna.

Dirt Star

The Dirt Star was a Little Accident created by SlowRiot where a massive dirt sphere was spawned in Batugus. In the process, the sphere submerged multiple islands.

Dirt Spleef

Dirt Spleef was an event at Batugus where the last few layers of the Dirt Star were removed in a large spleef match. The spleef had four layers and each one was smaller than the last. Players were given enchanted diamond shovels, mostly efficiency IV and a haste II beacon was active nearby.
One of the streets at Pie Island

Pie Island

An island in the ocean with tropical beach houses.


One of the Districts in Kyrzastan.

Mount Nyan

Mount Nyan is a very bright and rainbow themed town started by MIAGT.

Mushiana Boat Route

A boat route connecting Novum Culta and the Flyingjellyfish route to the south expansion of the map and Acacia Roads. Planned to link up with the other end of the FlyingJellyfish Route to create a giant circle around the map.
The AnnEon towers


AnnEon is a town built up of towers at the former edge of the Map.


Originally called Avalon, Megalon is a robot created by Chewy27_ in a game called Robocraft, but was re-created in Minecraft 3 times the size as an Airship.

Eclipse Complex

A building near Mount Nyan.

Phoenix Isles

A huge city on large islands in the ocean with tall skyscrapers and roads filled with vehicles.

Shining Star Tower

A sky scraper at Phoenix Isles


The Phoenix Isles hospital.

Twilight Hotel

Like the Sunrise Hotel, Moonset Hotel and Solar Eclipse Hotel but at Phoenix Isles.

Sierpinski Tower

A fractal building.

Phoenix Port

The shipping port area of Phoenix Isles, with large cranes.
Drifblim, the blimp Pokémon


A balloon that looks like Drifblim, the blimp Pokémon.

FEZ Village

The starting village in the game FEZ. It is a floating island with small houses on it inhabited by two-dimensional people.
The Moonset Hotel tower

Moonset Hotel

Like the Sunrise Hotel, but different materials so it looks more moon coloured, and slightly smaller. Located in Neo Tokyo.

Solar Eclipse Hotel

Like the Sunrise Hotel, but different materials so it looks more moon coloured, and slightly smaller. Located in New Eden.

Shiny Halloween Drifblim

Entry for the 2021 Halloween Build Competition.

Shulker Ranch

An dungeon in the End where many different types of Shulkers appear.

And many other projects yet to be listed

Anna's Favourite Places

Places in Freedonia that Anna considers to be some of the most impressive builds on MinecraftOnline.

Mostly in order of when they were built.

Best Villages

New Venice, Winterthorn, Obernai

Biggest Towns

Spawn, Glenfiddich, BenjaminStad

Best Cities

Xenotopia, Delta City, Phoenix Isles

Detailed Builds

Gran Syre, Saikyo, JangoFett_'s French town: Philostratus, Milva

Pixel Art

ArtVille, Statue Park, Poke Art

Largest Scale

XT No.1246, Project MOON, Phoenix Isles

Biggest Network tindwcel's roads, Freedonia Railway System, Mushiana Route

Most Resource Intensive PassiveFriendly's iron block pyramid, Bawest's Flag Project, Stone dragon

Imgur things Anna spamming ingame chat with pink sheep. Catching a fireball with Zomon and Anna.