Mount Nyan

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nexus_towns.png Mount Nyan

Flying Nyan cat

Founder MIAGT
Contributors Anna_28, MusheyRoom, Seb_Romu, Chewy27_, Pieapple42, MegaBlackStorm, MeowMarco, Bailzebub, SailBird
Category Towns
Underground? Partly
Fortified? No
Public access? Yes
Road link? No
Nexus link? Yes
Rail link? Yes
Boat link? Yes (Mushiana route)
Portal? Yes
Coordinates X=-1931
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

Mount Nyan is a small town founded by MIAGT and located on the edge of a Mega Taiga forest. It has many buildings such as a large Nyan cat in the sky.


Mount Nyan has several farms at it, most of the redstone ones were made by MusheyRoom.

List of current farms:

  • Cow farm: An automatic cow farm that burns cows spawned from mob spawners.
  • Sugarcane farm: A sugarcane farm which sorts sugarcane down water paths and into a chest.
  • Sheep farms: Sheep pens with sheep of many different colors, mostly used to make pixel art.
  • Fishing platform: A spot to fish near the water and boat route with chests for fish and treasure.
  • Snow golems: Snow golems sheltered from the rain with stained glass where snowballs can be collected.
  • Crop farms: Other farms for wheat, carrots, potatoes, netherwart, cactus, melons and pumpkins spread around the town.
  • Trees: Many trees of different types can be found here too. Including one pink tree similar to the ones at Anna's Forest.

Pixel Art

  • Nyan Cat: The giant nyan cat in the sky is Mia's house. Located above Mia's original house it can be seen from almost anywhere in Mount Nyan.
  • Creeper: A creeper with headphones pixel art. Located near the water.
  • Snowball: Made out of snow blocks, this giant snowball was made after Mushey had set up snow golems to collect snow.
  • Megalon: A giant statue of a robot Chewy27_ made in a game called Robocraft. The base inside it can be accessed with nether portals.
  • Giant Cake: A giant 14 by 14 Cake made out of orange stained clay, quartz and red wool. It was made for MIAGT's birthday and had automatic fireworks around it.
  • Rainbow Potion A random rainbow potion made by SailBird

Mushiana Boat Route

The Mushiana boat route was also started at Mount Nyan by Anna_28, MIAGT and MusheyRoom. The name Mushiana is a mixture of the names Mushey, Mia and Anna (Mush-ia-na). A board is at the island showing which way different locations along the route are. Most of the materials for the route were also farmed here.

Railway Station

The Mount Nyan station has a railway connection to Acacia Glade, along the cyan line. It also connects to Explorer's Island.


A tall lighthouse on Rose Hill.


A tall rainbow going upwards into the sky with four beacons inside it. Often gives speed and jump boost to nearby players.


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