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This page outlines a list of mods for playing on client versions later than 1.12.2 with Fabric. For a description of allowed mods, prohibited mods and a list of recommended mods for 1.12.2, MinecraftOnline's native version, see Modifications.



This page aims to be a comprehensive guide to playing MinecraftOnline with the rich variety of enhancements that are made for (or can be used alongside) the Fabric mod loader on modern versions of Minecraft.

MinecraftOnline currently uses 1.12.2 and using other versions is more complicated and causes bugs. You have been warned.

Miscellaneous Notes

  • Currently, the recommended Minecraft version for this setup is 1.20.1, since there is currently no later version to which all of the most important mods have updated without accidentally reimplementing game-breaking issues.
  • Most of the links here lead to a list of downloads; be sure to select the ones for the correct version of the game, and don't forget to download the required dependencies, where applicable.
  • Some of the inclusions/prioritizations in this guide uniquely reflect the personal preferences of getplayerhead.sh?Crafter_Keegan&16.png Crafter_Keegan, who wrote its initial revision; in your personal setup, feel free to exclude/replace anything on this list as you see fit!

Goals Of This Guide

  • Find replacements for as many mods that are popular among Freedonians as possible, whether they are explicitly confirmed to be endorsed or allowed elsewhere on the wiki, or just frequently recommended in the community without any explicit pushback from staff.
  • Make a good-faith effort to ensure that everything on this page complies with the no cheating rule, as outlined by the Cheating and Modifications pages; if admins find that anything here conflicts with this goal, their entries will be promptly amended/removed and their usage changed/ceased by the players participating in this project.
  • Attempt to make the setup outlined by this page as convenient, enjoyable, and seamless as possible.

Currently Known Issues / Limitations

  • Chunks don't load properly for the client in certain circumstances (potentially in areas containing named beacons).
  • Custom blocks with colour codes in their names (currently just the Fireplace and Spooky Pumpkin) don't display their custom textures when placed.
  • The custom models of certain entities (including but not limited to the Frost Golem and Power Paws) aren't displaying properly for reasons that are currently unclear.
  • The sort feature of Inventory Profiles Next consistently rubberbands/reverts when certain items are involved.
  • Shulker box contents don't display correctly (or at all) in their tooltips if they contain certain items.
  • Item information relayed to chat from death messages or /showitem isn't always accurate.
  • The christmas chest and trash can textures from MinecraftOnlinePack haven't been implemented yet because of unresolved bugs/conflicts.
  • MaLiLib-dependant mods have settings screens that don't fit properly in the game window.
  • While in-game (as opposed to in the main menu), adjusting the size of the game window while the settings of a MaLiLib-dependant mod are open will cause a crash.
  • When a new chat tab is created with AdvancedChatHUD, the first time a match is added to it, it won't be saved/remembered.
  • The values displayed in the statistics screen are incorrect.

Future Plans

  • Further troubleshooting of the setup, bug reporting to developers, and updating of ModernizedOnlinePack to fix all of the issues listed above.
  • Transferring this setup to the Quilt mod loader once it's out of beta and has more reliable compatibility with Fabric mods, since the project has several perks over Fabric and several great mods have already become Quilt-exclusive since their inception.
  • Converting some version of this setup into a mod pack on Modrinth once the most glaring bugs/conflicts/inadequacies listed above are addressed.
  • Keeping this page updated as improvements are made, Minecraft updates, and more useful additions are discovered.


  1. Make sure you've booted up Minecraft at least once on the targeted version.
  2. Close Minecraft if it's currently open.
  3. Download Fabric Loader's installer.
  4. Open the installer once it finishes downloading.
  5. Select the targeted Minecraft version from the first drop-down.
  6. Click Install; once finished, you can close the installer and delete it.
  7. Download any mods, resource packs, and shader packs of interest.
  8. Open the Minecraft Launcher, click the Installations tab, hover over the newly-created profile for Fabric, and click the folder icon; this will open your .minecraft folder.
  9. Of the files you just downloaded, move all the mods to the mods folder, all the resource packs to the resourcepacks folder, and all the shader packs to the shaderpacks folder; if any of these folders don't already exist, create them.
  10. Return to the Minecraft Launcher, select the Play tab, ensure the new Fabric profile is selected in the drop-down, and click the PLAY button.
  11. If the game crashes, ensure you've downloaded the correct versions of each mod and their dependencies (Fabric's crash screen is usually quite good at indicating what's wrong/missing); if the game loads but without all of the desired mods, ensure you've downloaded the versions made for Fabric and not another mod loader such as Forge.
  12. Equip any resource packs of interest in Options.../Resource Packs... (ensure ModernizedOnlinePack is on top), and enable your shader pack of choice in Options.../Video Settings.../Shader Packs....
  13. If you're still having an issue that isn't noted above, feel free to contact getplayerhead.sh?Crafter_Keegan&16.png Crafter_Keegan on Discord for help; enjoy!

Currently Recommended Things

Meta / Miscellaneous

Name Type Notes Dependencies
Fabric Loader Mod Loader Required in order to install all mods in this list
ViaFabricPlus Mod Adds the ability to connect to any server version and modifies the client to enhance compatibility
Mod Menu Mod Adds the ability to view a list of mods through the main menu and allows many of them to be configured in-game Fabric API
Indium Mod Adds support for Indigo (Fabric’s rendering API) to Sodium, thus allowing it to work with many of the mods on this list that use the former Fabric API, Sodium
ModernizedOnlinePack Resource Pack Fork of MinecraftOnlinePack made to account for the changes made by Minecraft and OptiFine to internal identifiers, folder structures, and feature implementations beyond 1.12.2 CIT Resewn, Continuity, Entity Model Features, Entity Texture Features
Vanilla Tweaks Resource Pack A large modular suite of resource packs designed to enhance the vanilla experience in a variety of ways

OptiFine Feature Replacements

Name Type Notes Dependencies
Capes Mod Makes capes from OptiFine, MinecraftCapes, and LabyMod visible Fabric API, Fabric Language Kotlin
CIT Resewn Mod Adds supports for OptiFine’s custom item texture features
Continuity Mod Adds support for OptiFine’s connected textures mod features Fabric API
Entity Model Features Mod Adds support for most of OptiFine’s custom entity model features Entity Texture Features
Entity Texture Features Mod Adds support for most of OptiFine’s random entity features
Iris Mod Adds support for OptiFine shader packs Sodium
LambDynamicLights Mod Adds dynamic lighting to the game Fabric API
NoFog Mod Adds options to remove all fog types from the game Cloth Config API
Puzzle Mod Adds a unified configuration menu for many mods that replace OptiFine features; also adds more features for resource packs, including some from OptiFine that currently aren't offered by any other alternative mods
Sodium Extra Mod Adds most of OptiFine’s video settings to Sodium Fabric API, Sodium
Zoomify Mod Adds a highly customizable zoom feature that is bound to the C key by default, as with OptiFine Fabric API, Fabric Language Kotlin, YetAnotherConfigLib

General Optimizations / Fixes

Name Type Notes Dependencies
Better FPS - Render Distance Mod Adds a few render distance performance improvements to increase FPS Cupboard
Connectivity Mod Optimizes connections to servers
Cull Less Leaves Mod Adds settings to render fewer layers of leaf blocks to improve performance YetAnotherConfigLib
Dynamic FPS Mod Minimizes/stops rendering of the game when its window is unfocused/minimized to save resources Fabric API, Cloth Config API
Entity Culling Mod Skips rendering block and entities that would not normally be visible anyway
Entity View Distance Mod Adds settings to modify the distance at which each entity type becomes visible
FerriteCore Mod Optimizes RAM usage
ImmediatelyFast Mod Optimizes all immediate mode rendering
Krypton Mod Optimizes the game’s networking stack
LazyDFU Mod Prevents initialization of DataFixerUpper until it is needed
Model Gap Fix Mod Fixes transparent gaps in item models Fabric API
ModernFix Mod Improves performance, reduces memory usage, and fixes many bugs without majorly compromising the game experience
Sodium Mod Optimizes the game’s rendering engine
ThreadTweak Mod Optimizes CPU usage Fabric API
ToolTipFix Mod Dynamically adds newlines to the text in tooltips to try and prevent it from going off-screen

Internal Server Optimizations / Fixes

When installed on the client, these only have an effect on singleplayer; there’s no benefit to installing them if you’re always on multiplayer.

Name Type Notes Dependencies
Alternate Current Mod Replaces the redstone engine with an optimized one that is predictable and intuitive instead of locational and chaotic
Lithium Mod Optimizes various aspects of the game’s logic
Starlight Mod Replaces the lighting engine with one that is far more optimized

Utilities / Quality of Life Improvements

Name Type Notes Dependencies
AdvancedChatBox Mod Adds various improvements to the typing experience AdvancedChatCore, Fabric API, MaLiLib
AdvancedChatFilters Mod Adds various powerful features for filtering chat AdvancedChatCore, Fabric API, MaLiLib
AdvancedChatHUD Mod Adds various options to customize the structure and appearance of chat; good replacement for TabbyChat AdvancedChatCore, Fabric API, MaLiLib
AdvancedChatLog Mod Adds various improvements to chat logging AdvancedChatCore, Fabric API, MaLiLib
Command Macros Mod Good replacement for Macro / Keybind Mod
Inventory Profiles Next Mod Good feature-rich replacement for Inventory Tweaks; recommended to disable some of its features/keybinds as the default settings can be intrusive at times Fabric API, Fabric Language Kotlin, LibIPN
Litematica Mod Helpful building aid; good replacement for Schematica MaLiLib
Text Utilities Mod Adds utilities for formatting text in anvils, books, and signs; good replacement for ColorUtility Fabric API
Textbook Mod Adds several features for importing/exporting text into/from books; good replacement for Ghostwriter Fireplace Lib
Xaero's Minimap Mod Adds a minimap to a configurable corner of the screen; note that the Display Radar and Cave Mode settings both need to be set to OFF to comply with the no cheating rule Fabric API
Xaero's World Map Mod Adds a toggleable fullscreen map that displays all parts of the world that the player has explored Fabric API

Audiovisual Improvements

Name Type Notes Dependencies
3D Skin Layers Mod Makes the second layer of skins three-dimensional Fabric API
Ambient Environment Mod Adds ambient color noise to the biome colors of the game to help the world seem more varied and alive
Better Animations Collection Mod Adds animations to various mobs to make them more lively Fabric API, Forge Config API Port, Forge Config Screens, Puzzles Lib
Dynamic Surroundings: Fabric Edition Mod Adds a lot more ambiance to the game
Farsight Mod Allows chunks beyond the server’s view distance to remain visible Cupboard
Not Enough Animations Mod Adds more animations to the player Fabric API
PaperDoll Mod Adds a Bedrock/Legacy Console edition-style player model to a configurable position on the screen Fabric API
PresenceFootsteps Mod Improves the sounds of walking on blocks in various ways Fabric API
Sound Physics Remastered Mod Adds realistic sound attenuation, reverberation, and absorption through blocks Cloth Config API
Wavey Capes Mod Adds fancier movement animations to capes Fabric API
Complementary Unbound Shader Pack Made with the goal of being good at everything, namely performance, gameplay, beauty, and compatibility Iris

Informational Additions / Interface Improvements

Name Type Notes Dependencies
Advancement Plaques Mod Replaces advancement popups with fancy glowing plaques Forge Config API Port, Iceberg
AppleSkin Mod Makes food-related displays more informative Fabric API
Better Advancements Mod Replaces the advancement screen with one that is larger and more visually appealing
BetterF3 Mod Makes the F3 menu highly customizable Cloth Config API
Better Statistics Screen Mod Replaces the statistics screen with one that is easier to use and has more helpful features Fabric API
Chat Signing Hider Mod Removes all annoying messages and warnings pertaining to chat signing
Controlling Mod Adds features to quickly find keybinds and identify any conflicts between them Fabric API, Searchables
Jade Mod Adds a hud that gives information about the block or entity that is being looked at; good alternative to NamedHeads, but note that the Entity Health setting must be set to OFF to comply with the no cheating rule
NBT Tooltip Mod Makes the NBT data of items viewable in tooltips and copyable Fabric API
Reese’s Sodium Options Mod Reorganizes Sodium’s options to improve the user experience Sodium
TPS Hud Mod Displays the server’s TPS in a configurable corner of the screen; is notably made inaccurate if one’s ping is high Fabric API, Fabric Language Kotlin, YetAnotherConfigLib

Other Noteworthy Things

More OptiFine Feature Replacements For Resource Packs

Only useful for those with resource packs that make use of these mods’ features.

Name Type Notes Dependencies
Animatica Mod Allows resource packs to use OptiFine’s animated texture format Fabric API
FabricSkyBoxes Interop Mod Allows resource packs to use OptiFine's custom sky features Fabric API, FabricSkyBoxes
OptiGUI Mod Allows resource packs to use OptiFine’s custom GUI format; will eventually be required to see the trash can GUI once it is ported to ModernizedOnlinePack Fabric API, Fabric Language Kotlin
Polytone Mod Allows resource packs to use OptiFine’s custom colours Fabric API
Transparent Mod Allows transparent/translucent pixels to display properly for more entities should their textures be modified with a resource pack Ash API, Fabric API

Would Be Nice But Currently Can't Interact Through Version Proxies

Name Type Notes Dependencies
AntiGhost Mod Doesn’t fix ghost blocks like it’s supposed to when the trigger key of choice (G by default) is pressed
WorldEditCUI Mod Outlines don’t show up like they’re supposed to when using the CraftBook debug stick

Would Be Nice But Currently Have Incompatibilities / Issues

Name Type Notes Dependencies
Eating Animation Mod Adds sprite animations for edible and drinkable items, but breaks any custom item textures for food items Fabric API
Enhanced Block Entities Mod Increases performance by making block entities use baked block models rather than laggy entity models, but can unfortunately make all beds look white in some situations when used with ViaFabricPlus Fabric API
Inspecio Mod Makes item tooltips far more informative, but became Quilt-exclusive beyond 1.18.1
LambdaBetterGrass Mod Adds an even smoother replacement for OptFine's better grass feature to the game, but became Quilt-exclusive beyond 1.19.2 Fabric API
More Culling Mod Improves performance by preventing a bunch of things from rendering that would usually be invisible or barely noticeable, but breaks custom item textures in item frames Cloth Config API
More Culling Extra Mod Adds a few more culling additions for blocks that use the glass texture, but won’t work without MoreCulling, which breaks custom item textures in item frames More Culling
TalkBubbles Mod Makes stylized speech bubbles appear above players' heads when they speak, but isn't able to disinguish between messages sent by players and announcements/notifications that mention the player Cloth Config API, Fabric API

Potential Alternatives

Most of these have not been tested for compatibility with the other things on this list.

Name Type Notes Dependencies
Quilt Loader Mod Loader A fork of Fabric Loader that aims to make improvements pertaining to the project’s governance, management, and moderation; is supposed to be fully backwards compatible with Fabric mods, but hasn’t quite accomplished this yet and is still in beta
Complementary Reimagined Shader Pack Alternative to Complementary Unbound Iris
AdvancedChatMacros Mod Alternative to Command Macros, but hasn’t updated beyond 1.18.2 AdvancedChatCore, Fabric API, MaLiLib
AdvancementInfo Mod Alternative to Better Advancements
Advancements Enlarger Mod Alternative to Better Advancements Fabric API
Better Tag Tips Mod Alternative to NBT Tooltip
Cull Leaves Mod Alternative to Cull Less Leaves, but is less customizable Fabric API
Distant Horizons Mod Alternative to Farsight; also yields a significant performance improvement but can't be used with shaders
Dynamic Sound Filters Mod Alternative to Sound Physics Remastered Fabric API
Hold That Chunk Mod Alternative to Farsight Cloth Config API, Fabric API, YetAnotherConfigLib
JourneyMap Mod Alternative to Xaero's Minimap; note that settings will need to be manually changed to comply with the no cheating rule
Logical Zoom Mod Alternative to Zoomify
MoreMCMeta Mod Alternative to Animatica for those who would prefer a vanilla-like implementation of custom texture animations and don’t need support for OptiFine’s format
Nvidium Mod Alternative to Farsight; also yields a significant performance improvement but can't be used with shaders and only works with specific Nvidia graphics cards
OptiFabric Mod Allows OptiFine to run on Fabric, but will be incompatible with many mods on this list (especially those that replace OptiFine features or alter rendering in any way)
Stendhal Mod Alternative to Textbook Fabric API
Vanadium Mod Alternative to Polytone Cloth Config API, Fabric API, Indium, Sodium
WI Zoom Mod Alternative to Zoomify Fabric API
WTHIT Mod Alternative to Jade Bad Packets, Fabric API
Xaero's Minimap (Fair-Play) Mod Alternative to Xaero's Minimap that disables all features that wouldn't comply with the no cheating rule, but doesn't get updates as frequently as the full mod and often fails to maintain compatibility with Xaero's World Map as a result Fabric API