Induction for Moderators

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New tools available to you include:

/kit modkit 

Gives a wooden stick that removes a block with one click without dropping it as an item. Must not be used on bedrock. Should not be used for digging.

/gcheck $number

Teleports to the position of the check number, to the place that the player stood in, looking at where the item they broke was and, most importantly, is not to be used for normal teleporting.

/grepeat $number

Repeats coordinates and block broken of the check number.

/tp $playername

Teleport to the player.

/tpbehind or /tpb $playername

Teleport behind the player. Be prepared to end up in a wall, or to fall to your death. It is highly advisable to have /unstuck bound to a key. Note: it is highly inadvisable to use /tpb with Admins. They always hear you coming, and bad things have been known to happen...

/tphere $playername

Summon the player. Must ensure the player is ready (unless summoning a griefer to face final justice)

/warp modvault


/ban $playername $baninfo

Bans a player. Auto-completion of names can be used but results should be checked carefully. During banning-sprees (4chan raids, hacked clients) partial names should not be used.


precedes all commands to do with the note system. Typing /note by itself will show the note system help in chat.


precedes all commands to do with rm101. /rm101 help will show the rm101 system help in chat

/staff or /staffme

To message all staff online or in irc with op to communicate and discuss the server status and information that Admin need to be aware of

/greport $comment

Reports grief when admins are unavailable. Always check if there have been reports before about the matter:


All output is only seen by staff and yourself (Generally group specific)

Rules Summary

  • No modstick to be used on bedrock, ever
  • Mods protect the server and reputation - don't do anything to hurt the server reputation
  • You don't have to prove yourself (excessive bans etc)
  • Moderator commands such as /tp $playername are not to be used for PvP
  • The Modvault is not for personal use, it's for repairing grief
    • It is ok to occasionally gift items to people who have been griefed
    • Do not mix up items in Modvault chests
  • Becoming a member of staff means you are now representative of the server ideals - Play nice

Work to be done

  • You will need to enable your Teamspeak account for operator status - any admin should be able to make server admins (for other admins), and channel operators (for mods). Let slowriot know if that doesn't seem to work for any reason
  • You will need to register your IRC account for operator status on IRC - you'll need to /msg slowriot once registered to ask for op (@) status

Changes to Your Game

  • Red grief check log messages will display on your screen
  • Messages showing possible fly modders will come up as a staff notice in your chat.
    • The coordinates of where someone was detected flying will also show in the message.
  • You will see messages sent to /staff
  • techkid6 will give you gifts

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