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getplayerhead.sh?ScarClaw72&16.png ScarClaw72's (Condensed) Guide to rm101ing

This is intended to be a simpler, step by step, more basic, and reader's digest version of getplayerhead.sh?TheDarkrai85&16.png TheDarkrai85's Rm101_Guide

Additions are welcome but keep it concise!

Important Note: Take this with a grain of salt. Each moderator learns their own way, and this is just based on my own experience.

When to rm101 a player

You are not allowed to rm101 a player if they haven't done anything against the rules. So when there is doubt about an infraction you should not RM101 a player, even if they refuse to talk to you.

But, if their actions are any of these:

  1. relentless griefing. Eg: Breaking a bunch of torches whilst running down the raised walkways.
  2. They won't reply and/or keep walking away AFTER having broken a rule.
  3. You have seen visible evidence of the use of illegal mods or "hacks".
  4. Something is distracting them from the discussion you need to have with them. Eg: either being attacked by another player, or attacking one.

then you can and should send them to RM101.

Be aware of language problems. Many of our players have English as 3rd language, or just what they have picked up watching TV, so may be very slow replying

How to go about Interrogations


This is the most common scenario so I'll go over it first,

Ask them why broke "x"

Hear them out. This is their moment to tell you what happened, Whether it's an accident, or intentional, this is when they should tell you.

Ask them if they know the rules

If they do, ask them to repeat them to you. No Griefing, No Spamming, and No Cheating. Ask them to tell you what rule they broke. This helps confirm their understanding.

Explain why it's against the rules

If they gave an honest reply, restate the rules and show them how grief affects other players. Again, make sure they verbally tell you they understand the rule they broke.

Ask if they are going to grief again

You don't have to accept their word if you don't trust them, but in most cases you should take their promise to play by the rules at face value in the next section.

Coming to a conclusion

Things into account when making a decision are their attitude, willingness to cooperate, and how severe the crime was. Your choices are leaving a note, giving a warning, or go straight to the ban. The call is yours, but you can ask other staff to review the situation if you are unsure what the best action to take is.

If they log out while in RM101

Check IRC to make sure it wasn't just a server or network time out. Wait a few minutes to see if they come back. if not, leave a note explaining the situation then either free the player, or ban them, again depending on the factors listed above. The call is, as always, yours. Make sure that you free the player is they are not banned, even if they are not in game at the time. Never leave a player in Rm101.


These guys can be tricky or simple depending on the mods at play, but then procedure a moderator follows here is essential the same as that for dealing with a griefer.

Understanding the alerts

If a player has certain client mods installed like World Downloader or Flight, an alert visible to all staff will be triggered. This is done by the server posting an staff-only visible message in chat with the offending player's name and coordinates. Also some hacked clients such as Weepcraft are automatically detected and banned as soon the player first joins.

Reading movement

Sometimes cheaty mods aren't picked up, and you may have to find them out yourself. Flight, well you'll know it when you see it. However some are more difficult. But the key aspect in almost all cases to look for unnatural fluidity in movements, and impossible reaction times. For combat hacks this is as easy as pick a fight with them, and move erratically, strafing and circling around them. You can tell pretty quickly if they aren't fighting legitimately. One very important note is that make sure the "fluidity" isn't super slow movements, this can be caused by one simply toggling cinematic camera mode which smooths screen movements. This option however also severely reduces the speed at which the camera can turn, so it can be easily ruled out if the player is quick about his actions.

Get visual evidence

DO NOT rm101 a player just because an alert is set off. You need to confirm that the alert is about a legitimate problem so begin your investigation by teleporting to their location. Do not ban a player based only on a mod alert in chat. Always investigate it, similar to grief alerts.

What to do next

Depending on the illegal mod being used you have various options but the procedure should still be similar to the one for handling griefers. If they are distracted, or won't listen to you, rm101 them so they can focus on answering your questions.


Rm101ed or not, the first thing to do when you arrive on the scene is make sure they understand that the mods they are using are illegal on our server. Ask them to log out and disable them before rejoining. If they refuse, ask them again. If they still won't comply then a ban should be made.

Aftermath After they return to the server, and if they have disabled the illegal mods, direct them to the mods wiki page so they can understand what is allowed and what isn't. Any mod that gives an unfair advantage over other players is not allowed. Ask if they have further questions, and recommend that in the future they should ask a staff member before installing any.


These guys never last very long

Make sure its not ping-spam

Ping-spam is a term getplayerhead.sh?ScarClaw72&16.png ScarClaw72 coined to represent the event in which a poor connection causes a chat message to be sent multiple times when in reality it was only sent once. This is usually seen by an instance of 2-4 messages of the same being sent at the same time. This is spam, yes, but it's not player created, it's created by poor connections.

Ask them to stop

When possible, always ask for a spammer to stop spamming before banning them. If they refuse to stop spamming or continue to spam after being asked, then ban them. Do not worry about banning them quickly, a few extra lines of spam in chat is not an issue worth rushing over. If two staff members add ban notes at the same time, an admin can remove or demote one of the notes.

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