Marinian Local Guard

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Organisations Marinian Local Guard

The logo of MLG

Leadership hprick
Headquarters Sandmore
Founded 20-5-2018
Public? No

The Marinian Local Guard, or MLG in short, is a governmental organisation founded to protect the citizens of the Kingdom Of Marinia.


The MLG Legion has made vows to protect the citizens of the kingdom by whatever means possible. MLG is mostly a defensive organisation, which is why it will not attack outsiders, unless in the rare case of attack is the best defense.


MLG is owned by the Monarch of Marinia. Currently this is kittyfreak500. kittyfreak500 can make rough decisions about the course MLG takes on its path of protection, the Monarch can also decide to change the flow of resources to MLG. Directly in line under the king is the MLG General. The current general is hprick. The MLG General gives orders to the MLG Soldiers and can make decisions on expansion, plans and new projects of MLG. The General also carries out the protection work, functioning as a normal soldier too. Under the MLG General are the MLG Soldiers. The MLG Soldiers carry out the protection work together with the General.


The headquarters of MLG are located near Sandmore, in a closed of military facility in the desert called Unit 505.


The MLG's plans are to build their first ship, a harbour/harbor Frigate named HrMs Sandmarck, other plans are to comission the APU (Armored Personnel Unit).