Kingdom Of Marinia

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Organisations Kingdom of Marinia
Kingdom of Marinia.jpg

showing all the towns and colonies of Marinia

Leadership kittyfreak500 and Slimey345
Headquarters Sandmore
Founded 18 May 2018
Public? No

The Kingdom of Marinia is a kingdom established on the 18th of May 2018 by kittyfreak500. The capital of the kingdom is located in the desert village of Sandmore. The kingdom is currently work in progress with more things being built every day. Watermore has recently become the 2nd official town of the kingdom.

On the agenda are an expansion (Hillmore), a canal (Canalmore) and a railway.

The Kingdom is made out of 3 towns on the mainland (Sandmore, Cactimore, Watermore) and two colonies.

After months of activity, kittyfreak500 came back to see the Kingdom frozen in time, the Sandmarck project abandoned, the APU project never started, he aims to revive the Kingdom.




Settlements and notable structures

Leaving BenEm

On the 22nd of July 2018, the 65th day of the KoM being in the Benjamese Empire, it left after 3 arguments with the leader. Soon after, Hprick and IvanLeshev left on the 23rd. The Empire has suffered greatly.