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Inventor getplayerhead.sh?Aziroeth&16.png Aziroeth, getplayerhead.sh?Scampi_&16.png Scampi_, getplayerhead.sh?EastDakota&16.png EastDakota
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Welcome one, welcome all. Take a gander, or join this ball.

For here is where madness takes flight. Where silent whispers lurk at night.

So will you leave your mark here? Or will you flee from the grasps of fear?

Surrender your sanity at the door. And embrace the demons within, henceforth.

The great Heresies

Despite the madness of this page, Unwanted heresy shall be slain.

  • Logic has no place here, but thoughts, though fragmented, must be comprehensible.
    • Repeating thoughts, though a sign of insanity, must remain as a greater part of a whole. Alone, they are worth nothing. This also goes for excessive strong language.
  • Madness lies within. A singular being's madness cannot be altered by the thoughts of another, unless expressly permitted by the creator of said madness. That being said, getplayerhead.sh?Aziroeth&16.png Aziroeth and getplayerhead.sh?Scampi_&16.png Scampi_ can remove heresy as they see fit.
    • To claim a place where your delirium can be displayed, add a bolded title.
  • While one's madness may differ from another, explicit pornographic content is strictly forbidden. Hyperlinks will also be removed, lest the shadows of our minds pervade this Earth and descend upon the realms of mortals.

Madness pervades

Aziroeth's beautiful thoughts of death and dereliction

Seeking through the sands of time, these dreams, lost to madness. The chains, that bind this soul to the mortal flesh, slowly unravelling. My heart swells with the ebb and flow of the tide's turning. Eternally. We are all turning, the gears of our thoughts turn. Slowly but surely, a clockwork of words, drawn from the wriggling tongue, and chopped by the blades of the teeth. A cacophony, biological machinery, that spins, spinning, existing. Til the end of our days, wandering aimlessly, across horizons of burning flames and frigid darkness. We yearn for the sweet release. A release from this prison. To transcend the confines of time and space. To become whole with the eyes of the universe. But to be whole, we must be lost. And to be lost, we must be found. As dust is to dust, we must fade away to find immortality in these realms. A quiet solace of nonsensical sounds. A peaceful chaos, where we seek nothing, and find everything. Will this be the end? Or the start of something new? Perhaps it is both... The end is nothing but the beginning of a new journey. Perhaps our souls will wander to reach other stars. Perhaps we fade away, to time immemorial, existing, existed, extinct. Forgotten by all, but remembered by the whispers of the universe. The voices that slip between the veil of what is real and what is illusion. But if this existence is an illusion, were we truly alive? Perhaps everything is nothing. Nothing but a dream. This reality slips into the realm of fantasy. Of that wonderous haze, which cannot return. Of that magical life, polluted by the greyness of time. Not quite dark, but not yet light. A monochrome, these fading colours twist and blur. We cannot escape. We are bound, to our maddened, grey world by these chains of which we make. Forged, from the dying flames that once ignited our spirits, we place them on ourselves and beg to be free. But what is this freedom? We lock our own minds, we dampen our own flames, we kill our own colours. For what? For the mirage of freedom which we can no longer attain? For the lies and deception of life? In the end, we seal our own fates. We blind ourselves and stop feeling. We stop comprehending, we ignore the whispers of madness, of the unknown. Just to become something that is nothing. An empty shell, devoid of life. With nothing but our false existence, a fabricated mask of happiness. A façade of ourselves, just to deceive our brains of the truth. This. Is our true madness. The madness, that pervades our eternity.

Banhammer (by Marty Robbins & Scampi_)

(sung to the tune of Big Iron)

To the server of MCO came an admin one fine day

Said nothing in the game chat, didn't have too much to say

No one dared to ask his business, no one dared to say a blip

for the red-named flying OG had a hammer on his hip

Hammer on his hip

It was early in his timezone when he tp'd to a base

And analysed the backups, scanning the entire place

He's found something he shouldn't, came the whisper from each lip

And he's here to do some business with the hammer on his hip

Hammer on his hip

In this base there lived a player by the name of Hax0r Red

Many players tried to take him, and they all had swiftly fled

He's a duper and a cheater, with griefed supplies galore

And the notches in his e-chest numbered ten stacks and five more

Ten stacks and four more

Now the admin started typing, checking chat logs for that day

Looking for the times his quarry liked to join the game and play

He's got him dead to rites, and he'll soon collect his head

But he was hoping for a tantrum from the wretched Hax0r Red

The wretched Hax0r Red

Wasn't long before the discord sent a ping to Hax0r Red

His client made him ban-proof, at least that's what was said

He joined without a worry, thinking up a witty quip

He'd clown on this poor admin with the hammer on his hip

Hammer on his hip

Everybody in the chat cried for a meeting face-to-face

And tp'd to spawn to watch the banning of this poor disgrace

Hax0r Red stood proud and cocky, everybody held their breath

they wondered when the admin was about to cause his death

About to cause his death

There were twenty blocks between them when they stopped to have their say

And the swiftness of the admin is still talked about today

Hax0r Red was still mid-sentence, when the hammer swung around

And the game chat clogged with RIPS as his items hit the ground

His items hit the ground

It was over in a moment, the spectators walked away

It's a common sight in this land, happens several times a day

For the safety of the server, rulebreakers get the flip

None escapes the hands of Riot with the hammers on their hips

Hammers on their hips

Hammer, Ban Hammer

None escapes the hands of Riot with the Hammers on their hips

Hammers on their hips