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snakyman joined the game.
<EastDakota>: hi snaky
<EastDakota>: I'm blue now
<snakyman>: OH HELL NO
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A normal user with a love for servers with rich history.

User EastDakota
Known as East/EastDakota
Gender Male
Nationality U.S.A
DOB -06-23
Occupation Secretary of Server
In Freedonia
First joined Feburary 24, 2019
Donor level * Donor
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Occupation: Secretary of Server

Current Affiliations: 1Catnip Justice League, New Eden, The Crusaders

Current Username: EastDakota

Alliances: KingServal, fabreezebrother, WaffleNomster, 1posa1, SleeplessTheCat, boxzy, LT3_, Floathead23, Scampi_, epicjbug, Anna_28, bucketsofwasps, Unkle_Genny, Void42_, MrMcBricks, 1Catnip

Enemies: Those Verico Fuckers

Goals: Establish a large self-sustaining Faction on the server, Stop any possible YouTube invasions, Gather artifacts for the museum

Bases: East Base, BlueMouth, Iron Farm Penthouse, Gray Museum

Main Base: BlueMouth


EastDakota started out as a normal user after he joined, struggling to find food and all, and luckily wasn’t killed as a noob, and managed to escape spawn pretty easily, but this was short-lived as he had no idea where to go, and was eventually invited into Astroworld by LT3_, where he lived for a short period of time until joining the Highlands. The Highlands was then abandoned by him after a quarrel with the leader of the Highlands, 88NK.

He then formed PoNK, the Parliament of Noob Killers (sometimes Parliament of Noob Killerz) with NoobyTunes and IceKnower, but it was disbanded after both of said users got banned for unrelated reasons. He majorly stopped trying to kill new players for the most part.

With no home, he walked far from New Venice and founded East Base, the main attractions being the Jungle Mansion and the Lavacast Bunker. This is where he lived for some time, until he formed a town with ally KingServal, Socorro. His home at Socorro didn’t really last long, as he didn’t really like staying in the inactive town, so he joined the town of New Eden and was one of its first residents.

He met the user 1posa1 and was fascinated by his museum, and was inspired to create his own, and remained on good terms with Posa until his ban, and is now the last active resident/unofficial caretaker of Freerdonia.

Soon, he founded his current base, BlueMouth, a base with a large interior that stretches all the way down to Bedrock level. He still goes back to East Base for materials he may have left there as he’s too lazy to move them.


EastDakota has been heavily interested in creating a museum for the server, which he began construction on 6/29/2020. It is made out of a lot of Gray colored materials, earning its name: The Gray Museum.

Username Shenanigans

EastDakota has become known on the server for his shenanigans involving usernames, here is a list:

1. Got an account named MinecraftOnline and got many new players to think he was owner, messed up some code involving the use of the command /me, and eventually having the name be banned from joining and the name put on an admin’s alt. During this time, he got KingServal to change his name to minecraftonline_ and got fabreezebrother to become _MinecraftOnline.

2. Got an account named McObot which had the ability to mess up messages from the McObot discord bot. This could be used to make the bot say things. The name was blocked but somehow got unblocked and is still useable as of now.

3. Got a team of admin knockoff accounts which includes PancakeNomster, Anna_27, l5mRh5x0r, FastRiot, techkid7, triplehelix457, timmyd93. (timmyd93 was later changed to become Eclypto28.