Mushiana Harbour

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green_ports.png Mushiana Harbour

Where The Mushiana Boat Route Meets Project MOON

Owner ScarClaw72
Contributors tyhdefu
Category Ports
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Size north to south 63m
Size west to east 90m
Height 68m
Coordinates X=-12980
Dimension Overworld
Settlement Project MOON
Map Link

Mushiania Boat Route

The Mushiana Boat Route, also known as the Anna Route, connects to the FlyingJellyfish Route, circling it off through the southern expansion and the outer areas of the west side of Freedonia. Of course, in its path is Project MOON, leaving a direct boat passage for visitors who wish to set sail. The boat route is identifiable based on its wool colors of pink and white.

The Mushiana Harbour

The main Mushiana Boat Route leads up from to Project MOON after stopping at Saikyo. It passes right through The Archipelago, but there is also a turn off into the Mushiana Harbour. Located on the south side of The Harbor Island, sailors can dock and visit Project MOON. The island features some guest dormitories, a well-regarded pub on the east end, and the Sailor Welcome Center for those arriving via the boat route.