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nexus_cities.png Project MOON

Neighbor Luna is the massive village above on the water, while The Lunar Vault is hidden deep below underground. To the southwest, you can find The Archipelago.

Founder ScarClaw72 and Mr_Fudgy
Contributors tyhdefu, George_Mann
Category Cities
Underground? Yes
Fortified? No
Public access? Not Yet
Public build? No
Size north to south 608m
Size west to east 608m
Road link? No
Nexus link? Yes
Rail link? No
Boat link? Yes
Portal? Yes
Coordinates X=-12696
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

Discovered in a heap of ash and ruin, many years of work have gone into rebuilding this ancient floating city.

Originally home to an ancient civilization, an ongoing war between demigods culminated in MOON being laid to waste. The surviving civilians, known as the Followers of MOON, moved into the underground mines to carve out a new home and protect themselves from the conflicts above. Centuries later, the abandoned city was discovered by ScarClaw72 and Mr_Fudgy who began reconstruction efforts. ScarClaw72 now presides as the Caretaker of MOON, making authoritative decisions as to its future and independence from external factions.

The timeline of reconstruction can be found at Project MOON Construction.

The long detailed history of MOON can be read at Legend of MOON.

Information regarding the active management can be found at Caretakers of MOON

For more context on this historic residents, look into the Followers of Luna

You can read a wiki version of it's legal document at the MOON Charter page.

For housing prices, you can also view them out of game at MOON Prices.


A nighttime view of the WIP Neighbor Luna.
Project: MOON refers to three primary different regions. There is The Lunar Vault built under the ocean floor, Neighbor Luna floating above it, and The Archipelago sprawling southwest of Neighbor Luna.

The Lunar Vault

The Lunar Vault is the underground network of rooms and tunnels originally inhabited by the last followers of Luna. Although originally an extended mineshaft to suit the city's resource needs, it now features many amenities and is self-sufficient from the outside world.

Neighbor Luna

With shattered roads and houses burned to the foundations, The City of MOON received a full restoration and is now capable of housing up to 360 individuals excluding founders. This floating city also features a few different parks and numerous large-scale farms.

The Archipelago

The chain of islands to the southwest presented an opportunity to expand MOON. The first original construction by the restoration team, the islands serve a lot of vital roles needed in a modern era. Transportation and Embassies are main features, alongside the more natural environments and minor additions.

Luna Bay

Luna Bay is the name given to the surrounding waters of Project MOON. A small handful of outposts and island territories exist in the region, that while not officially considered part of Project MOON, are operated as a secondary branch and generally contribute to the overall City.

Sister Projects

Although MOON is easily the largest undertaking of the bunch, it has sister projects that directly relate to it.

Project SUN | City of SUN restoration Project.
The Sol Tunnels | A Nether highway system
Project Dusk | A bordering town on the edge of The End.
Purgatory | The gateway town and the road to Dusk.

Location Index

The Lunar Vault

Map of The Lunar Vault.


Colloquially known as the Village Room, this underground courtyard is surrounded by the houses once lived in by ancients.
The Village Room contains several places of interest:

Housing - Residential buildings intended for citizens.

Common House - A shared social space with a warm fireplace.

Museum - A snaking corridor explaing the ancient history of MOON.

Hall of Quotes - A room where visitors often leave their mark.

Welcome Center - The arrival point for Nexus visitors.

Mayoral Manor - Underground housing for the Caretakers of MOON.

Lunar XP Farm

Conveniently located next to the Library.

The Lunar XP Farm is open to the public for use. Updated with a modern design that rivals the most powerful setups on the server, this XP Farm packs in dozens of spawners. The mob grinder uses skeletons and zombies, to maximize XP gains and the useful arrows and bones such creatures are best known for. There is a level to toggle the farm on and off near the entrance staircase. Over by the far side of the room is a lift sign to the Spawn chamber. There is even a quick access point to the enchanting room by pressing the button.
A second lift down brings players to the collection room. Items here are filtered by mob type into their respective rooms. All materials and drops here are publicly available for the taking.


The mine is a private access place to search for the precious ores.

The mine is free to access by citizens. Conveniently located at y=11, the most opportune spot for mining.

Cerrulean Library

Knowledge is a virtue for those who seek wisdom.

Primarily known for its Enchantment tables and Brewing stations, The Library has one main floor with multiple small levels beneath it. The lower levels are accessible via the back end of the room.
Those who wish to explore the archives may sit on the benches and read to their heart's content. Many books are scavenged from other historical sites, although some originate from MOON itself.

Project: MOON Smeltery Room

A room for smelting and mass crafting.

MOON's Smeltery room is a publicly accessible area featuring two pairs of super smelters and 6 cart crafting stations. It also has plenty of furnaces scattered about for small jobs, and a lounge area overlooking a mysterious cave.

The Garden Room

Even the Followers of MOON needed a slice of the outside world.

The Garden Room is a small but peaceful place with some benches and a relaxing waterfall. The staircase curves along the wall, leaving room for the waterfall to pass through.
An extended garden trail and back entrance to the Moon House can be found below. This rooms also serves the purpose of keeping the air breatheable.

The Nether Room

A back entrance to hell, figuratively and literally.

Although a portal in the vault was a traitorous sin back in the day, the shared fate of SUN has left the nether a (relatively) safe place to travel.
Citizens are still encouraged to visit the Sol Tunnels Hub for more information regarding Nether travel.

The Inverse Aquarium

A whole lot of salt water wasn't enough to deter followers from gazing up at the starry night.
The Inverse Aquarium, although built as an underwater observatory, is now a common resting place for people who wish to see the oceanic life.

The Peacekeeper Theater

Hosting many events throughout the years, this theater is a testament to the community Project MOON tries to establish.
This theater, inspired by the one in Glenfiddich, was designed with a 2023 standard in mine and features a few extra bells and whistles. Player damage is also disabled inside, so people can take off their armor without fear of getting attacked.

Neighbor Luna


Turris Lucia (Lucia Tower)

Turris Lucia is, and forever will be, the monument that stands tall over Neighbor Luna and more literally, The Lunar Vault.

Turris Lucia, also known as Lucia Tower, is a cascading monument that stands above the vault entrance.
Located on the third floor are two floating stone frames, each lined up to watch the rise and fall of both the Sun and Moon.

Tempora Hortum

Tempora Hortum, also known as Seasons Garden, is the first ring of Neighbor Luna. This area consists of four gardens dedicated to each season.

Ver Hortus

Ver Hortus, also known as Spring Garden, is the Northeastern garden of Tempora Hortum. This areas special feature is a flower garden complete with small bridges and a stream.

Aestate In Horto

Aestate In Horto, also known as Summer Garden, is the Southeastern garden of Tempora Hortum. This areas special feature is a fountain complete with three layers all cascading different amounts of water.

Autumnus Hortum

Autumnus Hortum, also known as Autumn Garden, is the Southwestern garden of Tempora Hortum. This areas special feature is a pond complete with a bridge.

Hiems Hortus

Hiems Hortus, also known as Winter Garden, is the Northwestern garden of Tempora Hortum. This areas special feature is a statue of a lion on a pedestal.


Housing for Project MOON is broken up into six rings wrapping around three different quadrants. The first four rings are houses, where the last two are comprised of apartment buildings.
The quardrants, or Quarts are as follows: Cygnus (NW), Orion (NE), Virgo (SE), and Libra (SW).

Skully's Island

The turf of the little known SkullBuilderX

Although no obvious purpose for this island existed upon discovery, it now serves as the private land of SkullBuilderX.

Helping Hand HQ

A building that stands as a monument to Helpers everywhere.

The Helping Hand HQ is located to the left of the Mayoral Mansion in Neighbor Luna and, obviously, stands as the headquarters for TheHelpingHand. It is a place for Helpers to relax and for newcomers to learn about the oath.

Mayoral Mansion

The aboveground housing for the Caretakers of MOON, and the original home of Luna herself.

The Mayoral Mansion doubles as Neighbor Luna's mayoral residence and town hall. Meetings, residency contracts, the wall of builders and more are located here.

Peaceful Society Embassy

Although ultimately independant, MOON has signed a few different peace treaties.

The only embassy located within Neighbor Luna, the Peaceful Society was an alliance treaty signed by 22 different towns in 2017.

The Archipelago


The Hub Island

Arrival and departure point for Nether travelers.

The Hub Island is the largest island within The Archipelago. It features a small beach, a stage, the grave of Billshields, and of course the Sol Tunnels Hub. The island is dotted with custom trees of varying sizes, one of which is the tallest point of the whole project. Bridges can also be found connecting to all the other islands.

Monument of Heroes

One man who consistently fought off the impossible.

A monument depicting the famous adventurer Steve was erected to commemorate his history.

The Harbor

"You are now entering Neighbor Luna Waters"

The Harbor primarily serves the purpose of connecting to the Mushiana Harbour to the Mushiana branch of the Boat Routes, and offering a departure for those headed to our neighbor Saikyo. The island also features a tavern, dormitories for those visiting Project MOON, and a welcome center offering basic information about where players have stumbled. Connecting it and the Monument of Heroes is SkyArk's bridge.

The Gazebo

Looking out over the vast ocean, the Gazebo is a great place to enjoy some peace, quiet, and fresh air.

The Gazebo is located on a small island directly west of The Hub Isle. It is connected from the far west side of the island and offers a wide view over the blue body of both the water and sky.

Anna Tree Island

Pink, Pink Everywhere. (And White)

A one of a kind island, this acts as a middle point between The Hub Isle and The Local Embassy islands. Strangely, outside of the Winter Park, it's the only place where the weather seems to always snow.

The Local Embassies

The olive tree.

The Local Embassy isles is a collection of three islands and docks containing different embassies. Given MOON's independent status, many unofficial allies have set up outposts.

The Moonhouse

Technological breakthroughs from the Cerrullean Library were a major help in expanding MOON.

The Moonhouse, despite a similar name, functions very differently from a lighthouse. Instead of acting as a light source, it acts as an amplifier for natural light sources (mainly moonlight) and amplifies it for those passing through on the Mushiana boat route.

Luna Bay

Although not officially part of Project MOON, the surrounding territories have become integral to maintaining smooth relationships and protecting it's borders.


An isolated island village that is popular among the reclusive.

Eastport is a small village located on the eastern border of Project MOON territory.

Eastport Lighthouse

The torch for oriental arrivals.

The Eastport Lighthouse sits just outside Eastport, guiding visitors from the last disc during many foggy nights.

Luna Bay

Proof that legends are indeed history.

Luna Bay may refer to the entire oceanic region, but it's most associated with the collection of ruins at it's heart.


The gateway to the western mainland.

Northport is a small port village on the western mainland, connecting to the Mawu Highway

Edgewater Lighthouse

For those leaving the Northern Expanse.

The Edgewater Lighthouse illuminates the nights for vessels coming from the Northern Expanse.

Northshore Outpost

Watching over the northern bay.

The Northshore Outpost is an island northwest of Neighbor Luna with a watch tower looking out over the northern breadth of Luna Bay.

Outpust: Recovery

The initiative to track down the ruins of legend.

Outpost Recovery is located directly east of Neighbor Luna where Project: Recovery began.

Recovery One

A minuscule island housing the adventurous types.

Recovery One is an island to the southeast of Neighbor Luna with a small shack, housing the team by the same name investigating the ruins at Luna Bay.

Western Waters Offsite Cellar

Given the massive expanse of Wester Waters' operational zone, a drop-off point became a necessity.

The Western Waters Offsite Cellar is an underground drop-off and storage point for goods produced and distributed by Western Waters Shipping Co.

Secret Locations

While these locations remain hidden, riddles are left to help you find these places of interest.

Eternal Blue Room

A small blue room reminiscent of ScarClaw72’s signature afk cubes.

“Where nature lies true, behind the wall of blue”

Scar's Ban Hall

Where the hundreds of heads from troublesome souls sit lined up.

"Under the room where this mod sleeps, a dimly hit hall fills all with creeps."

Underground Salami Slime_tiger was known for his surreal taste in builds.

"Not the experience you were expecting."

The Room of magic_ale

A room dedicated to a lost and found again friend from a different world.

“Above where the founders lay, lies a girl that brought dismay”


The Special

For those who go "above" watching the moon rise in the sky.

“During twilight below our gods, the special are born from heavenly bods”

The Tomb of Pinocchio

The Followers didn't perform sacrifices, but Bowbee sure did.

“Toss a coin, and make a wish, this is where you will find this bitch.”

Underneath The Cold

Good thing the guardian hasn't gained consciousness.

"Leo dormiens nunquam titillandus"

Luna's Tomb

A small party of foolhardy men and woman managed to recover her body and finally put it to rest.

"Beyond the cozy campfire rests a difficult history."

Citizen Index

Lunar Vault Citizens

Mayoral Mansion

Village Room Housing

Honeycomb Housing

None (Under Construction)

Neighbor Luna Citizens

Orion Quart (SW)

Orion Quart (NW)

Virgo Quart (NE)

Libra Quart (SE)