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User ScarClaw72


Known as Scar
Gender Agender
Location United States
Nationality American
DOB 2000-02-25
Occupation Freelance 3D Artist
In Freedonia
First joined 2 July 2016
Staff member Moderator
Donor level ** Donor II
Kit level ***** Demigod
Legacy donor level ***** Aether
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Scar sitting peacefully at the Spawn lake.
Too much symbolism.
Petrified Scar claiming the Terrain Dragon kill in Chala Kii.

Originally joining the server in the summer of 2016, ScarClaw72 has dedicated thousands of hours to MinecraftOnline both in and out of game. He is a veteran of the server most well known for his years serving as a Moderator, his Exploring Freedonia series on his Minecraft YouTube channel, the annual Merry Christmas Freedonia music video animations, and the six year megaproject known as Project MOON

History ScarClaw72 first joined Freedonia on July 2nd, 2016. Warmly welcomed by the small server, he stepped down the rules hall and worked his way through the tour, awestruck all the way. Once it was completed, he went right back in and recorded it along with his reaction. This video became the spark for the longest-running YouTube series on the server, Exploring Freedonia. Scar discovered the server in the same way many did at the tail end of the Rusherpocalypse. He was, however, gleeful MinecraftOnline held the title of active oldest server instead of the assumed Anarchy server 2b2t. After outliving other servers such as Crafting Madness, GotPvP, and CRDL, it proved to be all he ever wanted in this block game. It is likely he will remain involved with MCO for as long as he is capable, or until it goes offline permanently. He has remained consistently active since 2016, and has involved himself in dozens and dozens of projects.


Scar has been making videos on YouTube since late 2014. He began his Exploring Freedonia series the day he joined the server, and has been running ever since. Exploring Freedonia is exactly as the name entails, being a series where he explores and showcases different builds, towns, and projects from all across Freedonia. After the 2019 year, the series took up a season-based format.

Currently, each season can be found here:

Ever since 2016, he has also been doing annual Merry Christmas Freedonia animations. These are a server tradition, often featuring many players and always being set in Winterthorn, Scar’s favorite place on the server. The animated music videos alternate each year on whether they focus on the current-day server community, or the narrative Scar started with 2017’s One Hearths Warming Eve. During 2020, in the lead up to the 5th annual animation, a monthly and sometimes bimonthly short animated series called Evergreen was created to help build hype.

Currently, each animation can be found below:


Scar has spearheaded many projects, and contributed to many others during his years spent on the server. From his most ambitious and famous, to his minute and lesser known, he has touched on many parts of Freedonia, and spent years making his ideas come to fruition.

Original Projects

Luna Projects

Project MOON (Ongoing)
Freedom's Progress (Completed)
Project SUN (Pending)
The Sol Tunnels (Defunct)
Scarlet Valley (Pending)
Project Dusk (Complete)
Purgatory (Complete)
Cascadia (Ongoing)
Starlight Valley (In Progress)
Aurora (In Progress)

Western Waters Projects

Western Waters Shipping Co. (Ongoing)
Western Waters HQ (Completed)
Western Waters Winery (Completed)


The Har-Bar (Completed)
Flanc Cabaret (Completed)
Verua Sawmill (Completed)
Jessica's Cafe (Completed)

Spawn Projects

Lag Monument (Deleted by Admins)
Scar's Spawn Platform (Completed)
Great Spawn Bell (Completed)
Scar's Silly Shack (Completed)
Scar's Spawn Home (Completed)
Anna's Birthday Capsule (Completed)

Standalone Projects

BirthdayCake (Completed)
Assimilated Atrocities (Completed)
Hexerade (Completed)
Scarts (Abandoned)
Three Pillars (Completed)
Witchy's Memorial (Completed)
Diamond Salami (Completed)

Chakan Nation Projects

Chala Kii (Completed)
Brightwall (Completed)
Chala (Completed)
North Chakas (Completed)
South Chakas (Completed)
Cascadian Gateway (Completed)
World Peace Center (Pending)


Project MOON (Ongoing)
Pink Penthouse (Completed)
Aurora's Peak (Completed)
Diluvium (Ongoing)
Scar&Lala's Outpost (Completed)

Settlement Contributions

Bird City
Spring City
New Eden
Dragon River Peak City
Cat Town
Phoenix Isles

The Freedonia Fiction Chronicles

The FFC is a unified canon of lore developed and/or told through Scar's imagination. It mostly consists of lore connected to Project MOON, Merry Christmas Freedonia, and other original projects. However, it also includes fictional interpretations of MCO's meta elements and personal retellings of established lore as often expressed in The Archivist video series.

Server Pranks

Whenever ScarClaw72 gets bored, he occasionally causes some shenanigans. Here is the list of such events.

August 17th, 2017 - The First Squid Heist ScarClaw72 with the assistance and inspiration of Zomon333 took the squid from spawn and carried it south. It was caged and kept by the The Monument until August 20th, when Anna_28 returned Birthday Squid to the spawn lake.

August 17th, 2017 - The Boating of Spawn ScarClaw72 was bored to hell and decided to spam boats all over the lake at spawn. It lasted less than a day - when ScarClaw72 woke up the next morning to find all the boats missing. But he says it still was fun while it lasted.

August 20th, 2017 - The Second Squid Heist ScarClaw72 gave a big sigh when the spawn squid, as well as its cage, disappeared from spawn. Anna_28 admitted to returning it. She renamed it Julia and said don't do it again for poor Julia's sake. Well, less than an hour after "Julia" was reported missing. When Anna_28 got online, she immediately questioned ScarClaw72. After hiding for about half hour, he finally gave in and gave up the location. Anna_28 was kind though and let Scar keep a clone of the squid, renamed "Spawn Squid". With a squid now in his possession, not only is ScarClaw72 happy, he no longer plans future squid heists. This, however, does not mean he is done with his pranks.

April 8th, 2018 - Thundering Eardrums

Ever since his first visit to Forestberg, ScarClaw72 has often visited The Pointless Button to cause some mayhem into the ears of new players who keep their volume up loud. Thunder, when struck anywhere in the server, is heard by everyone. This is mostly either a natural event or donors/admins having some fun. Today was just one of the occasions. The first time was documented in his Exploring Freedonia Trolling video

January 4th, 2019 - Frozen Invaders

A risky move, after recording his Exploring Freedonia episode that aired on January 18th, ScarClaw72 acted as the ring leader, luring Tyhdefu into helping him amass enough snow blocks to completely overrun spawn with snow golems. Scar after spawning in what ended up being a total of 90-120 snowmen then screamed into chat for everyone to come help because spawn was being invaded! When prompted who the invader was, Scar responded "Frosty". What Scar didn't count on was a bunch of players taking this literally and quickly decimating his army. Desperate attempts were made to spawn more as the numbers dwindled, but to no avail. In the end, spawn was completely covered in snow though. After leaving it for a few days, Scar decided it would be best to clean up his mess so he didn't get in trouble for grief and spent 2 hours making sure any snow outside the still frozen spawn lake at the time was removed. This prank was recorded and presented as Episode 8 in his Freedonia series.

January 26th, 2019 - RIP Iron Reef

The day of January 26th was a day that made many Freedonians, scared, confused, and some even angry. This was due to a hoax video of ScarClaw72 blowing up the The Iron Reef being released. A few people could point out some key mistakes though. These included the lever that was supposed to be (And was even labeled as) being placed on an iron block was instead still placed on a double smooth stone slab, and the fact that the jukebox being sideways since Scar accidentally built the room facing the wrong cardinal direction. After a few seconds of darkness in the video to throw off people by, it cut to a timelapse of Scar rebuilding the room in single player. The video can be found here. There was also a clever usage of extending the length of the image below in the video to hide the superflat world becoming visible during the explosion, and to make it appear as if it was big enough to lag Scar's computer to a halt. After that he jumped in a lavastream which he cut to so he could deliver his outro without giving away the secret.
RIP IR.jpg

April 19th, 2019 - The Egging of Spawn

Inside of ScarClaw72's vault, he set up a crude egg farm. Over the course of two months, he accumulated a collection of over 6000 eggs that he intended to pull a prank of epic proportions with. Early into the morning of the Friday before Easter, he got to work. He began to setup a classic redstone clock powered dispenser. This was of course large enough so that he would only have to load it once. He was only witnessed by one person who just looked then went on their merry way without saying a word. After a long loading process, Scar pulled the lever then let the eggs rain down on the poor spawn pond below. The spectacle of seeing the eggs rain was jaw-dropping, and Scar screamed for everyone to come to spawn. It gained quite a bit of attention, and after it ran out of eggs, Scar took down the dispensers. He recorded the entire event and posted it as [Episode 19] of his Exploring Freedonia Series.
Egg Prank.png

October 12th, 2019 - The Great Dragon Chase PIXELMASTER1523 was showing a client mod to ScarClaw72 called More Player Models. An effect of this was being able to change the appearance of the player to any other mob in the game. ScarClaw72 used this to fake a screenshot of an ender dragon at spawn and posted it into the picture sharing channel. This blew up with the small player base that was on at 4 am EST, and some of the players chased down the supposed dragon that ScarClaw72 and Pixel had seen. They began chasing it east and didn't let up. After a restart happened though, murmurs of it potentially despawning arose until Scar took another screenshot and the whole thing started all over again. Apparently the mod was causing briefly an ender dragon health bar to appear for other players, which helped add to the effect. Eventually a group consisting of ScarClaw72, PIXELMASTER1523, ReverseDmitry, mSup, and MrSlimeDiamond chased down east all the way past the original Freedonia land disc and into the vast ocean. They chase stopped about 45 minutes after it began when Scar was too tired to go further, and the remaining few chasers created a bench on an island now known as Ender Dragon Island and sat down, gazing off at where they believed the dragon had flown off. Scar, of course, recorded the event, and a highlight reel can be seen here.
EnderDragon Prank.png

February 24th, 2020 - The 20 Birthday Withers

NOTICE: It is highly suggested to keep withers out of spawn going forward. Spawn at your own risk.

During a hand of MinecraftOnline Cards Against Humanity, ScarClaw72 seized the opportunity and began getting to work on something he had planned since late 2019. The idea was to amass a wither army at spawn, and lure it into the lake region where while it may not have been able to hurt other players, other players couldn't hurt it either. The idea frequently changed in scope during the months leading up to its execution, starting at 30 Withers, rising to 64, then 100, back down to 72, and eventually as far down as 20. 20 was decided upon in order to avoid a catastrophe (which would sort of happen anyway), to celebrate Scar's 20th birthday, and to make the new idea of name tagging them all feasible. While the CAH game was busy playing away, making many players laugh, Scar sneaked out by Anna's Birthday Capsule and got to work spawning the withers. What ensued after the CAH game ended was a massive panic for the 30ish players on the server. With the only real casualty being Limewire, and an unexpected 2 parts of the spawn map popping out of their item frames, it lasted more or less as a silly sight for over half an hour. Eventually, WaffleNomster logged on and killed them all in one crushing blow. After putting up the towel for the night, Scar was, to everyone's surprise, banned by Ted1246 for "abuse of hostile mob mechanics to grief spawn and repeatedly harass players." The ban was quickly reversed the next day by TheDarkrai85, stating that the ban should not have been made in the first place.

Notable Facts

  ScarClaw72 was the primary founder for Project_MOON
  ScarClaw72 once traded an ender chest for 4 stacks of dirt because he was too lazy to go dig it
  ScarClaw72 tends to be clumsy and dies a lot from falling during precarious construction projects
  ScarClaw72 was a leader in building the Freedonia Anniversary BirthdayCake
  ScarClaw72 makes videos and animations on Freedonia
  ScarClaw72 built an entire replica of Winterthorn in single player just so he could use it at a setting for his animations
  ScarClaw72 is known for his terrible jokes, specifically puns
  ScarClaw72 is one of the only few known Furries to join MinecraftOnline
  ScarClaw72 leads TheLunarGames
  ScarClaw72 once owned the longest page on the wiki at about 75 megabytes and it only shrunk after he separated Project MOON and it's construction.
Scar's home in NHCity.
Scar's Banhammer. ScarClaw72's first spawn squid heist, assisted by Zomon333 ScarClaw72, Distase, and KevinGriffioen find a hilarious noob house plopped in the middle of spawn.
Staring down Scar's hall of misfortunate souls.
Scar's interrogation room located inside his banhammer at Banhammer_Island. No one except Scar is sure how people are hit by his hammer when they are inside the damn physical thing, but he has officially named it Banception.
A small platform near spawn Scar made over a course of boredom. ScarClaw72's house built in Exfay.
The common house of Exfay built by ScarClaw72
The Hub Isle of The Archipelago, before and after terraforming.

Recieving His Donor Ranks


ScarClaw72 just donated £35.00 for the gold kit!
ethanplayz106: just wanted to talk about it, and this is what happened
not_what: nice scar


ScarClaw72 just donated £22.00 to upgrade from the gold kit to the diamond kit!
ScarClaw72: :O


ScarClaw72 just donated £45.00 to upgrade from the diamond kit to the obsidian kit!
Slime_tiger: nice
ScarClaw72: :O
ScarClaw72: BOWBY
ScarClaw72: That wasnt me
Joshlong56; Really?
ScarClaw72: Who gave me such a gift
NHC_THK: Congret
_deckard: whoa
ScarClaw72: Bowby?!?! Was dat you??
_deckard: nice
Joshlong56> Noice
<Telegram><B0WBY>: You Welcome
ScarClaw72: :O
<Telegram><B0WBY>: As Thank you for the intro
_deckard: good day to be Scar
ScarClaw72 bro-hugs Bowby
ScarClaw72: Boi :O


For the month of September 2019, an image contest was held based on screenshots and renders of the server. Much to his surprise, since he was a late entry, ScarClaw72 won giving him some special items, and the rank of aether. Of course in true Scar fashion, he slept through the awards ceremony. Without approval from anyone, jossps stood up to take his place.

Promotion of Scar

Surprised on Thursday, July 13th, 2017, ScarClaw72, TheCubester, and Chewy27_ were promoted to mod. Scar initially thought it was a joke, but later realized it was really happening.

Chat Logs

(Chewy27_ becomes a mod)
TurtleCobra: what happened to Chewy27_
maxercrafter: CONGRATS CHEWY
ScarClaw72: Chewy :O
Chewy27_: where is my stars?
ScarClaw72: Your a mod now?
maxercrafter: hes a mod now
Bloodybather: congras
(ScarClaw72 becomes a mod)
ScarClaw72: Wait what
(TheCubester becomes a mod)
TheCubester: WHOA WHAT
ScarClaw72: What just happened O_O
sicroto: wait whaaaa
TurtleCobra: HOLY SHIT ScarClaw72
witchy1000: Chewy! Gratz!
maxercrafter: woooooah
ScarClaw72: WHAAAAA
Bloodybather: lol
TheCubester: WHATTTT
Anna_28: silly star went missing with chewy
maxercrafter: congrats guys

Demotion of Scar

After facing a long hiatus, partially due to a life-crisis, and a few incidents of going too far pushing of the rules, the decision was made to demote Scar on the 15th of February 2020 for "overall poor performance". After getting a grasp on it, Scar took it optimistically, stating that he hopes someday to prove himself worthy of returning to his former position. He released an Official Statement on the matter, after going public about his recent life-crisis in another video. This video addressed some of his thoughts and reactions, and some questions that were answered shortly after thanks to WaffleNomster.

After pulling the 20 wither birthday prank 10 days later, he was banned the night of his birthday by Ted1246. Thanks to some friends on the admin team, however, the ban was re-evaluated in a rather expedited manner. The following day on his birthday, Scar was unbanned following a record short appeal process conducted by TheDarkrai85.

(In Discord)
Darkrai: Scar we begin the appeal process now
ScarClaw72: Alright
Darkrai: Do you understand that the withers while harmess was a stupid idea?
ScarClaw72: Yes
Darkrai: Fact is you shouldnt have been banned in the first place
Darkrai: Ill be unbanning you once Im off the toilet
ScarClaw72: Lol
Darkrai: But do keep withers out of spawn please
ScarClaw72: Yes sir
TheDarkrai85 joined the game.
ScarClaw72 has been unbanned.

Repromotion of Scar

13 months after his demotion, ScarClaw72 was reconsidered for a moderator position. He returned to his moderator promotion following the 1.12.2 update, and has remained with the team since.


(From actual in-game or skype/discord conversations)

Mr_Fudgy: The notch apple is the only thing that saved me from Deth's 1 hit kill sword. Its the only reason I lived when you said "Oh shit it's deth, run!"
Dethsh0k joined the game
ScarClaw72: Oh shit it's deth run!

Masterplayer203: hi guys!!
Mr_Fudgy: Hoi :3
ScarClaw72: Hi Master!
Mr_Fudgy: Scar you might not want to call him that
ScarClaw72: O////O FEUDGY Your dirty mind

ScarClaw72: Sic is like a nightlight, its easier to sleep when he is turned on and nearby
Wulf_359: rofl
witchy1000: Scar ya mean like tied up in your closet?
Wulf_359: scar, that was funny dood

(Days after the Russian youtuber Mauzer played on the server)
aggrievedCanine: we had the rusherpocalypse, now it's the russiapocalypse
ScarClaw72: You know why the call him slowriot?
macfullarton: because he riots slowly?
ScarClaw72: No because if he was FastRiot, he'd be Russian too much

ScarClaw72:Do you know the rules?
Pyrif: i guess so
ScarClaw72: Pyrif
ScarClaw72: You do? Then why grief the torches in that home?
Pyrif: `cause i`m stupid ; - ;

ScarClaw72: Why did you grief?
DiJowYT: No
ScarClaw72: Yes
DiJowYT: No
ScarClaw72: Yes
DiJowYT: No
ScarClaw72: Yes
DiJowYT: No
ScarClaw72: Search your feelings Jefafa
DiJowYT: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
DiJowYT was hit with the banhammer! (21570 bans)
ScarClaw72:How is that for no

ScarClaw72:This is your third warning
galazeek: please
galazeek:it wasnt me
galazeek:i wanted to test you anti cheat
galazeek:good job
galazeek:you pass
galazeek:now let me go
Jibletz: cool story dumbass
ScarClaw72: LOL
galazeek:i didnt do it
galazeek:i didnt do it
galazeek:i didnt do it
galazeek:i didnt do it
galazeek:i didnt do it
galazeek was hit by the banhammer!

Turn_Off: i quit, i' m lagging too much. See you later :D
MinecraftKing007: cya Turn_Off
Turn_Off left the game
ScarClaw72: I guess the lag is a real Turn_Off huh? *rim shot*
K4ik0_: yes it is
BenjaminBsuper: OMG Don't do that ever again ScarClaw XD
ScarClaw72: XD

ScarClaw72: Well to be fair the block lag doesnt affect all blocks, did you know that?
ScarClaw72: It doesnt affecte bedrock :P
YRNculture: bruhhh xD
Lancer_II: wow scar...
ScarClaw72: XD
Lancer_II: just wow...

I_BlakeBL_I: i am Russian
ScarClaw72: Do you know the rules?
I_BlakeBL_I: i've got no rules bitch
ScarClaw72: You broke a glass block and a torch
Slime_tiger: LOL
ScarClaw72: LOL
turtlecatXD: LOL
I_BlakeBL_I: i was a bad boy
xOpWarriorx: I recommend bleach

KL-E-0: Ramen is your friend
Hackaloken: buy it in bulk tho
ScarClaw72: Ramen noods?
Slime_tiger: LOL
Slime_tiger: ramen noods
ScarClaw72: Slime
Slime_tiger: scar
TurtleCobra: ramen nudes?
TurtleCobra: wtf
ScarClaw72: Are you trying to get noods out of Ramen? :O

ScarClaw72: Are you going to grief if I let you go? Yes or no?
domcicisk: yes
Witchy1000: lmao
ScarClaw72 Then you realize I have to ban you to protect the server?
domcicisk: noooooooo please
ScarClaw72:Then are you going to grief?
ScarClaw72:Yes means I have to ban you
ScarClaw72:So Dom? Yes or No?
ScarClaw72: ok
domcicisk was hit with the banhammer! (23090 bans)

F4K_Tibi_Ezz: Why did you grief?
F4K_Tibi_Ezz: I am retard
F4K_Tibi_Ezz: Very retard
F4K_Tibi_Ezz: please open
F4K_Tibi_Ezz: i am idiot

Maxplays4285: who r u
ScarClaw72: A moderator
ScarClaw72: Did you read the rules?
Maxplays4285: can u op me
Maxplays4285: ye
ScarClaw72: What I told you there was no op
Maxplays4285: right
alxxja: can i gamemode 1?
Maxplays4285: but can u give me gamemode 1
ScarClaw72: No
Maxplays4285: aww
alxxja: fak u
ScarClaw72: I am not opped
Maxplays4285: i thought u moderatot
ScarClaw72: Im not opped. Admins are not opped. No one is opped. There is no op
Maxplays4285: did u make this server

ScarClaw72: Why were you griefing?
FactionsClown: cause i was having fun
FactionsClown: wanna have fun with me??
ScarClaw72: By vandalising? Ill pass
FactionsClown: its fun
FactionsClown: you should try
FactionsClown: come one m8
FactionsClown: its great
FactionsClown: sooths tthe soul
ScarClaw72: Nah Im good
FactionsClown: makes you feel amazing
FactionsClownk: man
FactionsClown: its too great

ScarClaw72: Ahoy there :D
voreobama: hi
ScarClaw72: Why were you breaking that glass?
voreobama: i was voring it

Anna_28: pro, why did you now just break this glass?
progamer004M: kill me
Anna_28: why shouldn't I ban you?
progamer004M: im gay

Favorite quotes of all time
"what a banhammer?" Rachupranger
"Can I eat a moderator" discospieler
"no grifing i am russian bich!" Tjh5
"its not my fault that i dont read the rules" Immaarrc
"Scar? Iz ok I eat newbie?" witchy1000
"plz be delicate with my noobish body" Willis_Pandock
"Scar's christmas video made me miss playing on MCO XD" Zomon333
"in soviet russia, griefer ban yyou" snakyman
"Im not trying to grief anyone with the intent of destroying their stuff" MyNmeIsDario
"Give resources administrator please." sh3lmar
"can you give me owner??" r0b0m4n

Bans ScarClaw72 was first made a mod right after the start of the Coming o' The Cryllics. Being the most active besides Distase during this event, ScarClaw72 was very busy and banned a total of 100 people in his first 10 days of playing, and 20 in a single day shortly after. He doesn't know how to feel about it, but it has earned him the nickname "Spammer of le Hammer".