Nether Rail Project

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green_infrastructure.png Nether Rail Project
Owner arrongunner
Category Infrastructure
Coordinates X=6556
Dimension Overworld
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History and development

The Nether rail system: this is a high speed rail system developed by arrongunner, that is designed for high speed transportation between the different areas of JannerVille, utilising the nether as a "short-cut" it manages to achieve speeds up to 8X faster than in the "real" world. Due to difficulties with lighting nether portals and the current instability of the nether the system has been put on hold until these problems are resolved however construction of the stations is well under-way.

Each station will have a connection in the nether directly to the central hub where the player will select their destination and depart, this allows simple and quick route selection so you can sit back and enjoy the rest of the ride.

There will be no trains obviously going into the portals themselves so they will act as subway stations at each destination.

it has also been decided that there will be quick and easy connections between the main jannerville station and a nether station meaning the nether system will be accessible to anyone entering JannerVille

Planned stations

Nether rail map.jpg