Al Wahat

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green_castles.png Al Wahat
Al wahat from nw.jpg
Owner Lothendal
Contributors Machines_Are_Us
Category Castles
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Started 3 June 2011
Completed In progress
Size north to south 79m
Size west to east 127m
Height 55m
Coordinates X=6403
Dimension Overworld
Map link

Al Wahat (The Oasis) is a desert palace located in the far south of Freedonia. The closest town is JannerVille.


The palace was designed and built by Lothendal and Machines_Are_Us. First sketches were made in May 2011. The final construction plan was complete on 2 June 2011 and the construction started only a day after.

The building mostly consists of materials found at the construction site, sandstone, sand and stone. Hardest material to get were roses for red color. A big problem was a proper lighting, so the builders had to deal with hordes of monsters. Fortunately this problem could be solved using lightstone after the Nether became accessible.

After completing the overground part of the palace and some furnishing, Lothendal started to work on an idea he had for one of his first big projects he never put into practice. Even with the big help from contributors and workers it only slowly progressed. Thanks to the hard work of fmxstick doing over a quarter of the mining within 2 days, Lothendal and Machines_Are_Us were able to complete this subproject much earlier than expected on 24 July 2011.

The result has been shown only to a few. However, it will be opened to public as soon as another part of the palace underground is finished.



2012-05-08 08.35.00.png

The courtyard features an open pool, the namesake of the oasis, with a bridge. A sandstone cobra sculpture rises menacingly from the water.

Interior rooms

2012-05-08 08.37.28.png
2012-05-08 08.37.40.png

The interior rooms are plushly decorated, with rich carpeting, cushions, bookcases and lightstone chandeliers.

Underground prison complex

However, as one explores deeper into the building, a darker side emerges. Past the storage cellars, it is possible to enter into deeper regions of the construction.


A pitch-dark maze, infested with zombies, bars the way to the uninitiated. Whether it is intended to keep unwanted visitors out, or the inhabitants in, is unclear.

Holding cells

2012-05-08 08.49.24.png

Some of the inhabitants of these cells appear to have been allowed to remain here past their best-before date. Their skin tone has grown decidedly sickly and green. The halls echo with their hungry moans.

Torture chamber


2012-05-08 08.40.30.png

There must be millions of decalitres of water in this vast underground cistern. Perhaps it has been collected by wind traps, for a chill breeze blows through the chamber, hinting at caves deeper yet underground.

Construction process