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green_towns.png JannerVille
Temple night.png

The four founders inside the warp temple

Founder getplayerhead.sh?arrongunner&16.png arrongunner, getplayerhead.sh?amlabeard&16.png amlabeard (Banned), getplayerhead.sh?jjroome&16.png jjroome and getplayerhead.sh?Ercadoo1989&16.png Ercadoo1989 (Banned)
Category Towns
Underground? No
Fortified? No
Public access? Yes
Public build? No
Size north to south 200m
Size west to east 200m
Road link? Yes
Nexus link? No
Rail link? No
Boat link? No
Portal? No
Coordinates X=6820
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

JannerVille is at the end of the skyroad that leads south from Caverns, a journey of about 5km (5000 blocks). The city is walled, originally for defence, but now just as a marker of the city's boundaries.

Who are we?

We are TheNerdWorks and this is Jannerville!

We are a merry band of school kids from the UK that wish to spread Minecraft through our builds and videos. Check us out out YouTube channel. Our goal is to bring enjoyment to the Minecraft community.


The founders of Jannerville were four brave, strong and heroic figures in the Freedonian landscape as they struggled to make the long, harsh journey across the plains and though the forests to new territory. The four were Arrongunner the great, Jjroome the wise, Amlabeard (banned) the strong and Ercadoo1989 (banned) the merciful. They had left behind the first city they had built together near NewAtlanta when the need for expansion became demanding. The first group to leave the safety of old Jannerville were Arrongunner, Amlabeard and Ercadoo1989. Founder Jjroome had been offline for some time at the time of departure. Some accidents occurred: first was Ercadoo1989's "fall" from the skyroad, and later, the "fall" of Amlabeard, which was a loss of more than 30 diamonds!

Finally, the three adventurers arrived at the site that would become the JannerVille of today.

After a period of rapid growth of inhabitants the town's importance earned it a warp on May 27, 2011, which at the time was the furthest away from spawn. The warp was superseded by a rail line link some time later.

The warp was removed on February 4th, 2012 due to the bans of its founders for commiting rage related grief, and its declining importance and population.

Top builds


In addition to the four founders there have been many generous players who have contributed to making the city what it became at its peak. Buildings constructed in the city run from the amazing to the wacky, including Pshot360's cosy mansion, Eperitus' creations, and an unfinished Germany build. Modwes' Cathedral clearly shows his unparalleled creativity. Another breathtaking build is Ercadoo1989's boat.


  • For a time we had the furthest warp away from Spawn.
  • The origin of the word "Janner" is known to only a few. First used in early 2010, it gained currency by people using it excessively throughout the rest of that year. The word derived from the west country (England) word for "friend" and was adopted by the team whilst playing FIFA (soccer video game). In context, it can be used like "you janner" rather than "your my janner" although "me and my janners" is acceptable. This phrase was in common use during creation of the first ever Jannerville on Arrongunner's private server and was carried over when the Nerd Works joined MCO.
  • There are 3 existing Jannerville's. The first on Arrongunner's private server, the second near NewAtlanta, and the one described in this wiki page.
  • The third Jannerville was originally called New Jannerville, but the "New" was dropped when the warp was installed.

Major Projects

  • Arrongunner was one of the first to propose the Nether Rail Project. it made intercity travel 8 tiems faster than conventional Overworld rail. There were four portals planned for Jannerville: The Warp temple, Deutschland, The Big Island and Distant. (it is not known if all were completed - editor --bytebasher 18:40, 27 January 2019 (UTC) )

Members of Jannerville

  • getplayerhead.sh?Pshot360&16.png Pshot360
  • getplayerhead.sh?Modwes&16.png Modwes
  • getplayerhead.sh?Eperitus&16.png Eperitus - A traveller who was rescued from the skyroad after many hours spent roaming, looking for companions. He became a skilled miner and engineer. After a few attempts at building a house, he realized that it was not for him, as it was quickly nicknamed "the worst building in town" by all, including himself. While working on projects with others, he spends time getting in the way and offering moral support - while not doing very much useful - although it must be noted that he is the brains of the group. [dubious]
  • getplayerhead.sh?Lothendal&16.png Lothendal

Points of Interest

The Inglorious End of Ercadoo1989 and Amlabeard

On February 3rd 2012, Bass_Slayer came on IRC to appeal his grief ban, claiming that the Grief section of the wiki supported his claim that destroying a house within Jannerville's walls was legitimate, citing the "fact" that the unwanted house was sitting on natural terrain and not touching any other part of Jannerville. He argued rabidly until he was exposed as the author of the wiki edits that supported his claim, edits made only minutes before he logged on to IRC. Upon being exposed he threatened to crash the server and was banned permanently. He then used his alternate account Ercadoo1989 to commit additional grief and was banned again, now with no chance appeal bans in the future.

The following day, February 4th, 2012, Amlabeard logged on, protested Bass_Slayer's ban, griefed intentionally, and was banned as well.