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User Notch

A bald, bearded man in a caveman-like ragged brown shirt with gray pants

Known as Notch
Gender Male
Location Sweden
Nationality Swedish
DOB 1979-06-01
Occupation Creator of Minecraft; Game Developer
In Freedonia
First joined July 15, 2012
Donor level * Wood
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"Notch is too indie to care about his customers :x " ~ CounterPillow

"Oh this guy again?" NoobyTunes"


"Bitches can't stand when his cock has buffer overflow issues." StanDudek

"microsoft made mc actually" theememerald

"stop goodrepping notch" snakyman

"...before he turned into a HUGE DOUCHE" -anon

"is notch a huge dutch? thought he was swedish?" Chrelle25

Notch coding.gif

A controversial creator whose dubious coding style and apparent inability to test his code in the least before releasing it, let alone fixing bugs afterwards, has earned his name the equivalent status of a swearword on this server.

To make Notch's game playable, and rectify some of his many mistakes, most online servers run various mods. This server is no exception, running Sponge.

Notch being lazy (click this picture for a bigger version).

The man is infamous for his repeated holidays. He complains about his lack of money, complains about people swearing (ironically), and instead of actually coding, he offloaded all his work to jeb_, who is known as "That old guy who isn't an idiot and like toilets".

After deciding he couldn't handle the pressure from a community of a game like Minecraft, he decided to just sell the entire company away to Microsoft, going against virtually everything he has ever said. In doing so, he and his team have lied and fooled many of the community members, including the staff and players of MinecraftOnline with false promises which, in retrospect, were probably too good to be true in the first place


Not much today is known of Notch's activities on the server, though he spent over 196 hours in MinecraftOnline. His last join date was Sept. 3, 2013. What's pretty weird is that he is keep on getting goodrep by the players even though he didn't played for almost a decade.