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Organisations Glen Team

Glen Team Logo on the main gate of Glenfiddich

Leadership AndreyDio and nosefish
Headquarters Glenfiddich
Founded ~ 15 August 2011
Public? No
Status Inactive

Glen Team is an organization created by AndreyDio, bubba_basti, and mrsprinkly. The main objectives of the organization are to build beautiful and attractive constructions throughout Freedonia, especially in Glenfiddich, and to be a friendly community and help each other.


  1. AndreyDio - Leader
  2. nosefish - First Officer
  3. bubba_basti - Magister
  4. FlyingJellyfish - Magister
  5. fmxstick - Magister
  6. mrsprinkly - Magister
  7. samoroth - Magister
  8. Ellen124 - Officer
  9. stromhurst - Officer
  10. winx51 - Officer
  11. yabashiri - Officer
  12. zfleming1 - Officer
  13. ApexVII - Officer
  14. Almightykey123 - Knight
  15. BryBer - Knight
  16. SnappyMuppetman - Knight
  17. snikeren - Knight
  18. techkid6 - Knight



and many others.

Work in progress


  • Glenfiddich Spleef Arena

GT Storage System

Tired of running all over the vault to sort your stuff? Can't find the chest with the blocks you're looking for? Always worrying whether you've locked all the chest you've accessed properly? Fret no more! nosefish has built an automated storage system for Glen Team. Over 1500 double chests of storage space at your disposal! Store the contents of your messy inventory by simply putting them all in a single chest! Get a shiny new set of diamond tools and armour without breaking countless blocks of wool! Here is how to do it:


Throw in everything you want to store into the chest framed with dark green wool or the hopper next to it. Everything works automatically.

Simply throw everything in here

Junk will be end up in the pit below the ordering corridor and eventually despawn. If you've thrown in your favourite wood sword by accident, you can retrieve it there. Items that can't be stored, like fireworks, written books, player heads, etc, will go into the overflow chest.


To be able to place an order, you first have to enter the password (check your /mail!) in the security terminal.

What's with that ugly cobble pit?

Look at the sign saying [Terminal] and type /terminal thepasswordfromyourmail in the chat window. This will make the floor appear and the buttons become reachable. To reset, right-click the [Terminal]-sign.

Ah, much better.

On the left hand side of the corridor you will find the placeable blocks. On the right hand side are all the other items, like tools, armour, dyes, food, etc.

Walk along the corridor and place your order by pressing the buttons corresponding to the items you would like to take out. With each press you will order the amount that fits in one inventory slot (usually a stack, 1 for weapons, 16 for eggs, etc).

2012-08-15 16.02.36.png

The items you have ordered will be transferred into the chest framed with red wool. This takes about 15 seconds unless there is lag. Unlock the chest, take out what you need and lock it again. If you did not take everything, press the button above it to leave the chest clean for those that come after you. Don't forget to reset the security terminal with a right-click before you leave!

2013-04-24 11.47.57.png

Overflow Chest

The chest framed with black wool stores all items that could not be stored. This might be because there is no more storage space for this item type (unlikely), because it is an item that is problematic to store for some reason (e.g. written books), or because it has been added in a recent Minecraft update and the storage system hasn't been updated yet. In rare cases (e.g. server restart) it can also happen that the chest collectors miss some items and they end up here.

2013-04-24 11.44.11.png

You can see at a glance if anything is in here by looking at the redstone lamp under the lava thingy. If it's lit, there are items in the overflow chest. In this case, unlock it by breaking the red wool and take the items out. If they're all worthless junk, press the two buttons to the sides of the chest in quick succession to burn them all in the lava thingy. The security terminal has to be active, or this won't work.

When you're done, place the wool back on the spot you took it from to lock the chest. Do not put it directly on the chest, or the indicator light will not light up any more when there are items in the chest (minecraft limitation).

Remember to reset the security terminal with a right-click before you leave!
Really, this is important.


  • Because of the less-than-optimal way text on signs is rendered by Minecraft, being around the storage system may considerably reduce your fps (even worse than Diamondmall). Use Optifine or sk98q's Sign Lag Fix-mod (updated by nosefish for new minecraft releases) as a workaround (it will still be slow, but less so).
  • Potions cannot be stored in the system. There is a huge number of different ones and, seeing that they are not used much, adding them would not be worth the hassle.
  • Don't store enchanted or broken items.

Glen Team Charter

  1. General Terms
    1. "Glen Team Charter" is the primary regulatory document, which has to be read and subsequently executed by each member of the "Glen Team".
    2. All "Glen Team" members at the entry voluntarily take on the duties and receive the rights associated with membership in the group, and the entry must strictly follow the Constitution and the decisions of the government of the Organization.
    3. Each member of the organization is entitled to help other members of the organization, if such assistance is not contrary to the goals, objectives and decisions of governing bodies of the organization.
    4. All members of the organization shall act for the benefit of the organization and help each other when they can.
  2. Objectives of the Organization
    1. To assist and provide support to members of the group.
    2. Ensure a constant exchange of information and communication among members.
    3. Work together to solve common and individual problems.
    4. Improve and protect Freedonia and Glenfiddich.
    5. Build unique creations.
  3. Governance of the Order
    1. The supreme governing body is Team Leader.
    2. All the final decisions are made by organization's Supreme Council.
      1. On the consideration of the Supreme Council of the Organization - Leader declares a theme of meeting.
      2. After discussing particular issue, all the Council members vote.
      3. Decision of each issue should be placed and executed.
      4. Operational control is done by Head of the organization and the council.
    3. Team Leader is entitled to:
      1. Identify ways of implementation development strategy of the organization;
      2. Intervening into activities of the members personally, replace them if necessary;
      3. Declare alliances and wars against other organizations, based on the decision of Supreme Council of the Organization;
      4. Expel any member of the Group, after explaining the reason;
      5. Announce the promotion and degradation to members of the organization;
      6. Make appointments to organization members
      7. Give instructions to members of the organization;
      8. Demand performance records of duties;
      9. Kill bubba_basti occasionally to relieve stress;
  4. Acceptance into the organization
    1. Admission to enter the organization is given only after invitation by a Glen Team member and 100% acceptance of "Glen Team" council.
    2. The candidate is accepted with the rank of squire to a probationary period.
    3. The probationary period ends when raising to the rank of knight. In addition, as a rule, the duration of the probationary period determined by squire activity.
    4. Promotion of members of the Organization and personnel changes are made ​​by the decision of the "Glen Team" council.
  5. Hierarchy in the organization
    1. Squire - New team member who can perform many small tasks, does not have access to organization supplies and under supervision of one of the officers.
    2. Knight. - Team member who has access to some organization privileges.
    3. Officer. - Has all organization privileges.
    4. Magister. - Member of Supreme Council.
    5. Leader. - Highest rank in the organization. (May be temporarily substituted if drunk by any magister)
  6. Rights and duties
    1. Rights:
      1. Support from other members.
      2. Approval for getting promotion.
      3. Submission of their proposals.
      4. Participation in the general polls (depends on the rank).
    2. Member of the organization must perform the following duties:
      1. Follow the Constitution, execute the instructions.
      2. Act in the interests of the organization, refrain from actions which may harm organization.
      3. Attract new members into the Team, after checking the moral qualities of applicants for membership.
      4. Keep organization secrets
      5. Follow moral and ethical standards of conduct adopted in the Organization and in Freedonia.
    3. Prohibited actions:
      1. Unmotivated and bullying insult to Freedonia citizens.
      2. Ignoring the instruction
      3. Offend members of the Order or the entire group as a whole, using rude language, as well as abusing the use of swearing vocabulary.
      4. Commit acts that could harm the reputation and prestige of the Order.
      5. Exceed official powers to intrude into the sphere of activities of other members of the Organization.
  7. The procedure for changing the Constitution
    1. According to the decision of the Council or the Leader, ideas to change the Constitution shall be discussed at the Supreme Council meeting.
    2. Amendment of the Constitution is in force, if 75% of the Council agreed.