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green_infrastructure.png Freedonia Visitor Centre
Owner TheDarkrai85 Palindrome7 xArches
Category Infrastructure
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Size north to south 53m
Size west to east 50m
Height 16m
Coordinates X=-113
Dimension Overworld
Settlement Spawn
Map Link

The Freedonia Visitor Centre is an authoritative source of introductory information about MinecraftOnline and Freedonia. It is a rectangular building with a cylindrical gallery above.


The building is the first thing a newly connecting player sees at spawn. It is a prominent netherack and glass building on the southern shore of spawn lake. Its designs change during server or real-life events.


The visitor centre has a number of features aimed at enriching the experience of new players and regulars alike.


The visitor centre is targeted toward newcomers to the server. It contains signs explaining important information about the server:

Featured Moderator Wall

The featured moderator display.

Every month a moderator is selected for commendation in recognition of exemplary service. The Featured Moderator Wall displays information about this moderator accompanied by an armour stand displaying the moderator's head and a tool/armour combination they select. The wall shows a quote by the moderator, their username, join date, promotion date, favourite build, donor rank, and first build.

Event Hall

Above the visitor centre is an event hall, designed for special exhibitions, meetings, and other server events.

Teleport Pads

At the top of the visitor centre there are two pads; Two to the left which lead to the Rules Hall and a quick Tour of Freedonia, and one to the right which teleports a player to the Central Nexus, which is a teleport pad system that can take players across of Freedonia quickly.

Pictures of the Old Visitor Center