Pig and Slime Protection Association

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Organisations PSPA (Pig and Slime Protection Association)
2011-08-07 21.34.49.jpg

The PSPA HQ in HillValley

Leadership getplayerhead.sh?winx51&16.png winx51
Headquarters HillValley
Founded 18 July 2011
Public? No

How It Started

Winx and pigs

The PSPA was founded by getplayerhead.sh?winx51&16.png winx51. Her first day on Teamspeak, she met getplayerhead.sh?FlyingJellyfish&16.png FlyingJellyfish and getplayerhead.sh?bubba_basti&16.png bubba_basti. These two showed her HillValley, where she proceeded to build a rather large pink tower. Bubba asked her about her favorite minecraft animal, to which she answered the pig. Soon after meeting getplayerhead.sh?SlaggyP&16.png SlaggyP, she decided to turn her love of pigs and slimes into an organisation. Since then, the association has angered many people who put out free pork, and have been subjected to price increase at pork shops.