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User winx51

The Pinkthusiast

Known as winx, wonx, pinx, Liz
Gender Female
Location 'Merica
DOB 1999-03-23
Occupation Student
In Freedonia
First joined 26 June 2011
First building A small wooden hut on a beach near Hellstar Bridge
Donor level * Donor
Kit level ***** Aether
Legacy donor level ***** Aether
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" winx51: I'm nearly 20 and my greatest achievement in life is being a popular egirl on a minecraft server."

" Limewire: Where's the D, winx?"

" winx51: I'm a lesbian."

Legacy Wiki Bio

Founder of the PSPA, member of Glen Team, builder of cuboid houses, n00b towers, and the beautiful park and school in Glenfiddich. Loves pigs and everything pink and boasts exceptional navigational skills. Tends to be a crazy, spasmodic person, and can normally be found jumping around spawn (she is probably on Teamspeak!) Winx (mainly) plays the flute and the piccolo. She enjoys anything that has to do with music. Sometimes you may hear her playing on teamspeak whenever she feels the moment is right (or she's just bored out of her mind). One of her very favorite projects to make was the Glenfiddich Performing Arts Center! She is also the proud owner of a noob town, in which many people come from far and wide to build nooby structures.

Winx's Builds

See: Winx's Finished Builds

Timeline of Winx


In the summer of 2011, a time between the sixth and seventh grade for her, the young 12-year-old winx51 stumbled across a certain Minecraft YouTube video in which the server MinecraftOnline was being reviewed. Never having played multiplayer on the game before despite playing for months, she quickly copied and pasted the IP and logged in for the first time on June 26, 2011.

Winx began her journey at the original spawn (There was no language hub at the time!). She walked down past Minemart, through the torch tunnel, past the Maze, through HellStar Bridge, and onto a small little bit of shore where she built her first house! This house was a small shack made of wooden plank complete with a single door, 1x1 staircase mineshaft, one chest, and one workbench.

As time continued, winx began to think that maybe multiplayer wasn't for her. After all, she didn't talk in the chat because she thought everyone was so much older than her (Spoiler alert: they kind of were but it didn't matter in the end) and was too shy to make friends. Suddenly, the player IgotzAsnIPer and another player named g00gly0eyes posted in chat wanting people to move to HellFireForge. Winx finally sent her first chat message and made friends with the two players. Soon after, she moved to the warp and created her second house! It was another beautiful wooden plank skyscraper with actual windows this time! She made a small wheat farm outside and even her own trading post down the street!

Winx's friend IgotzAsnIPer soon decided that HellFireForge was becoming too crowded and often would be overrun with Steve Police due to constant pvp killing by the likes of okoshima and Blobehh. This decision led winx, sniper, and another friend of theirs, Jesusbsanchez to pick up and move to what is known today as Winx51's Noob Town.

After moving to this new home, winx soon discovered the lovely app that is Teamspeak. She downloaded and joined and her journey into the MCO community accelerated rapidly. Her first day on, she met bubba_basti and FlyingJellyfish who were building in HillValley. She initially lied about her age, telling everyone that she was 13 because obviously that made her "more mature" and "acceptable as a friend". Winx would later realize that this was stupid and unnecessary. She kept speaking with her friends and soon found herself building the first of Winx's Pink Towers! Ever since she first joined Teamspeak on that day, she has been a seemingly permanent resident of MCO voice chat.

Winx also became very good friends with SlaggyP and would often take the 20 minute track to Hippywood to see his new creations and how the settlement was going. Slaggy helped winx to create the PSPA, an organization which aimed to protect pigs and slimes because of their color. Winx had previously stated that she loves pigs because they are pink and slimes because they're just adorable. The PSPA was mostly a joke group that would travel around Freedonia in an attempt to confiscate any pork chops or slime that was left in open chests. The group has since ceased operations and has been replaced with PIS.

" TheMightyCheeze: Prepare yourselves, Pink wool will be EVERYWHERE."

During this year, Winx made many, many friends and had so much fun. She even joined the notorious Glen Team! Her friends are far too numerous to mention here, but just know that there were very many that have come and gone through the years. She misses those who have not returned very dearly and will forever thank them for being in her life! Some of winx's notorious builds during this year include:

  • Glenfiddich Park
  • Winx's house in Glenfiddich
  • Many more that can be found around the server!

It was also in this year that it became established that winx has an intense love for pink, and this became her brand on the server. The groundwork was beginning to be laid for the marvelous Pink Castle which was sure to be an amazing build. It was also made known that she can't do craftbook or edit her own wiki page, thus causing nosefish and bubba_basti to assist her with having some kind of a wiki page until she was able to figure it out and flesh it out right now (in 2018).

2012 (The Beginning of MCO's Golden Age)

In 2012, Winx continued with her usual happenings on the server. She gained many more friends and the server was beginning to have more or more people by the day. Winx served as a sort-of greeter for Teamspeak and would constantly encourage others to join her in voice chat. She would sometimes DJ on MinecraftOnline Radio which was pretty popular at the time. Most of the music she played was SoundCloud dubstep tracks she would randomly find. Winx also helped work on Voice of Freedonia, a newspaper for the server that was sadly short-lived.

In June of 2012, Winx decided one day following a Pigchinko game that she would start an island settlement for herself. She started to place dirt in the ocean but was soon joined by a friend who helped by dropping off a large amount of dirt and creating an island for her. This island exists today as the home of Winx, known as Area 51. On this night, SlowRiot suddenly appeared, asking her what color her underwear were. She quickly replied that they were pink and was then met with a shiny blue name and the wonderful position of moderator on June 18! One of her early bans was the famous dethsh0k who suicide griefed the spawn torch tunnel. While the two were friends and deth loved her dearly, her staff duties and protecting the server came first.

Winx worked directly with mobster_ie and BryBer to formulate the game Blursball in August of 2012. The game was thought out over teamspeak for many hours and the field can be found outside of Newlands.

She very shortly resigned from her moderator position in August for three days before she changed her mind and realized she had no reason to resign from the position like she originally thought. When she shared her intentions for leaving, her friends quickly chipped in to recreate her Diamond Hill as memorial for her leaving, which made her realize just why she loved MCO: the community. It was a dumb decision to leave, and she has never once considered leaving since then.

It was in this year that Winx obtained her notorious pink name. How did she get it, you ask? It's a mystery, but perhaps she will tell you for a price.

Winx also created Winx's Fort Knox in this year. It was a simple cuboid structure made of diamond, iron, and gold blocks. It no longer stands, but this photo was found as a reference. The Glenfiddich Performing Arts Center was completed in this year as well. It was made possible thanks to random n00b diggers who were paid in diamonds because Winx didn't want to dig anything herself. stromhurst, bubba_basti and nosefish are all to thank for the craftbook and redstone hookups!

Jellycake was a game that Winx often played with the likes of FlyingJellyfish, Palindrome7, and many others. It is a game that we have sadly forgotten, but Winx helped to design the flower that sits on the top of the arena.

Winx made a very (at least looking back now) cringy video about the server which featured multiple screenshots as well as teamspeak interviews from zfleming1, FlyingJellyfish, and AlexFD(who is now banned and can be remember at the AlexFD Memorial.

The end of 2012 was met with The Apocalypse and was documented by Winx in a youtube video.


2013 was a super fun year. Winx worked with techkid6 to create Karlek Bay and also continued work on the Pink Castle. The pink castle still sits incomplete to this day.

The Semi-Annual MCO Awards were also begun in this year, even though they have proven to be not so semi-annual since their induction.

Winx would often jokingly harass TheMightyCheeze by aggressively buying out his potion shop in the top floor of DiamondMall simply to elicit a reaction. She loves Cheeze, really. But a man can only stock his shop so quickly. She later purchased her own shop in the mall right next door and would buy Cheeze's potion and sell them for one iron less than he was selling. Business was booming. Thanks Obama.

In this year, MCO's Harlem Shake was made, as well as a low-quality joke video about griefer stereotypes. And let's not forget the Hitler edit of the tragedy that was Emucraft.


This year, Winx and xArches (who are BFFs 4evur) discovered the ability to replace the records sounds in-game and proceeded to make a resource pack where all of the records were replaced with twerk songs.

  • Things happened in 2014, but I'm still looking for screenshots, etc. -winx

2015 (The Final Year of MCO's Golden Age)

2015 was a huge year for community and interactions on MCO. It was this year that Sodomy Saturday began, which then led to the numerous MCO TinyChat Sessions and the creation of the MCO Cards Against Humanity Pack. Winx was almost always involved in these weekend festivities, where she would do things such as learning how to fry an egg at the age of 16.

On April Fool's Day of 2015, the server was rolled back to an early 2011 map, which coincidentally was around when Winx first joined. It was a beautiful day of running around and looking at things as they once were, at least as much as she could before the rollback was over.

Work began on the Bitch Club in the summer of 2015. It is still incomplete as of November 2018, but will eventually be completed (just like Winx says about everything else she builds). Xantara, and underground city built by Winx was also begun this year.


This year was a bit of a dead zone due to real life commitments, but Area 51 was continuing to be fleshed out and added on to whenever she could be online. The Pink Castle gained some much needed interior decoration additions with the help of xArches who became the Royal Purple Ruler of the Pink Castle alongside winx51, the Royal Pink Ruler.

Winx went through an odd phase IRL that last from 2016 to mid-2018 that would cause her to be less active on the server during this time.


This year was mostly edits and additions to builds such as Area 51 and Xantara.


Early 2018 was more of editing Xantara, which as of November has finally had most of the framework completed and is ready for people to come and build!


This year was uneventful until the founding of the glorious town Novulo with snakyman and EastDakota. Novulo boasts builds such as:

  • wooden dildo


With the sudden housebinding COVID-19 crisis, it was only fate that would bring Winx that ability to cling back to the server in the way that she wished. During this quarantine, Winx worked with the likes of Void42_, Vecxin, EastDakota, and a few others (pls forgive me i forgot). With the same absolute clown squad, she worked to create the infamous Americaville.

" winx51: I have to be stuck with you fuckers for the next 14 days, so I need you to all get along." (This quote did not age well, as it was said in March and we are now still in the pandemic in August.)

Winx also finally got to start working on some of her builds! Vivace is in a state of continual building and will hopefully have more and more people join!

On May 31, 2020, Winx was promoted to Admin.

Winx began to play TRUE SURVIVAL in her own area, Winxdonia in August of 2020. She is very proud of her ambitions and grateful for players like Vecxin who can remind her that obsidian requires a diamond pickaxe to be mined.


On 14 January 2023, Winx resigned from her Admin position.


"I bleed pink." winx51

  • Pink Wool
  • Glen Team
  • Minecraft
  • Band :D
  • Talking on Teamspeak
  • Making MC YouTube videos
  • snikeren - Rumour has it they're married.
  • Her many MCO friends ^_^
  • Stories about when people first joined the server :3



  • People that hate pink