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green_places+of+worship.png The Pantheon
Pantheon Front2.png

A front view of the Pantheon

Owner GodlyCheeze
Contributors Fixwec
Category Places of Worship
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Started 21 March 2011
Completed 26 March 2011
Size north to south 45m
Size west to east 60m
Height 45m
Coordinates X=-576
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

History and Construction

This rendition of the Pantheon is an attempt at making a scale model of the real Pantheon in Rome. However, there are several distinct differences, such as the layout of the inside of the dome. The Pantheon was a collaborative effort between GodlyCheeze and Fixwec, who were able to finish it in just under a week.

The building has 16 Pillars that support the front porch, and the height of the dome is equal to it's diameter, making it a "perfect" sphere. There is a 6m wide occulus at the top of the dome. The entire structure floats on a bed of cobblestone on a lake near spawn.


The Pantheon is placed adjacent to GodlyCheeze's Temple. It is also in close neighbourhood to the South-East Nexus of Project Anubis.