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User GodlyCheeze
Gender Male
Location Unites States
Occupation Mechanical Engineer
In Freedonia
First joined 07 March 2011
First building GodlyCheeze's Temple
Kit level *** Iron
Legacy donor level *** Iron
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2011-05-24 05.42.00.png

Ex-moderator, demoted due to inactivity in September 2014.

Who is GodlyCheeze? Enjoku:"Godly is so sexy" GodlyCheeze is an anomaly to this server. Often heard over the chat, but rarely seen in person. Maybe he just likes to build alone. Maybe he just likes the satisfaction of completing a project on his own. Or maybe, he hasn't found anyone to build with. However, one thing is certain. Wherever he goes he leaves buildings in his wake. Whether they are models of ancient buildings, a view over the spawn, or his own creation. He keeps his own temple near spawn for his own personal use, but has several other residences all over Freedonia.


So who is he? GodlyCheeze is a mechanical engineer from the United States. He is married and has a son and a daughter. He plays Minecraft whenever he has the free time, and likes to help out new players whenever he can. He was modded on 18 May 2011, and has since gotten the 4000th ban.


GodlyCheeze's Temple
Hot Air Balloon
Frosty the Snowman
Res Pagoda
Rainbow Fighters game at Rig City
Kumamoto Castle in Kurai Cho
Spiral statue at Novum Culta
Bella Roma

What is he working on now?

Upon the completion of his newest Roman Temple he will set out to finish construction of Bella Roma; a city based on Roman architecture which is located near New Venice. If you would like to help, please contact him for further details.