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green_towns.png Ravenstown
Founder getplayerhead.sh?Zen_Fighter&16.png Zen_Fighter
Contributors getplayerhead.sh?jonathanpanda&16.png jonathanpanda
Category Towns
Underground? yes
Fortified? kind of
Nexus link? South East Branch(Yellow)
Rail link? Occidental Line
Boat link? Great Circle Route
Coordinates X=-131
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

Created with the NPC Village style in mind, this town is host to a happy community and comes with its own sinkhole housing. Built sometime in 2012. Annexed to Ravens Kingdom on 3 December 2014.


getplayerhead.sh?Zen_Fighter&16.png Zen_Fighter had always loved NPC Villagers, so when he had the materials he created a village for them. Having no method of populating the area himself, Zen pled to the deity getplayerhead.sh?jonathanpanda&16.png jonathanpanda to bestow upon him 2 villagers. Feeling generous, getplayerhead.sh?jonathanpanda&16.png jonathanpanda instead spawned 100.


Several months later, Zen logged onto MCO to find a griefer invading his home. After pushing him back and getting him banned, Zen checked the damage and found nothing serious. It was only the day after that he found all of his villagers dead, their doors left open and bloody. He frantically searched for survivors and was rewarded with 2 that had fled to deep caverns underground. They were so deep however, that bringing them up to repopulate was extremely impractical, so Zen worked up an idea to save the village.


Though Zen's will was strong, bringing life to the village was no easy task. With the golems dead and the torches stolen, the area was a deathtrap. Zen's first few attempts at converting Zombies resulted in him bleeding to death while his patients were slaughtered. Shaken by what he'd seen, Zen took a break. One day he was doing a paper on WW2 when the word trenches popped out, and suddenly everything became clear. Trenches 2 blocks deep with cobblestone walls were built the next day. Converting Villagers quickly became a simple pleasure and soon Zen had enough to leave them to their devices. With glory restored, the population boomed and happiness skyrocketed.

  • more later


getplayerhead.sh?ScarClaw72&16.png ScarClaw72 featured the town in his 65th episode of Exploring Freedonia, as part of the fourth season. (Starts at 5:00)