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Graph of probability of being a registered player against hours spent online.
Graph of probability of being a registered vs unregistered for banned players over time.

Registration on MinecraftOnline is a process whereby a player registers and confirms their email address with the server, which gives them access to advanced server features, such as the Control Panel and LWC.


Before you register:

  • You must to spend some time in-game. Brand new players who try to /register will receive the message, "You must have spent more time online before you can register".
  • You must have a valid email account which you personally have access to.

How to Register

  1. Log into the Minecraft server, (if you aren't already).
  2. Enter the command /register <your email here> in game. An example of this is /register
  3. Check for an email (in the email inbox you registered with) sent from It may take 5-10 minutes for the email to arrive. If it is not in your inbox, make sure you check your spam/junk mail as well.
  4. Open the email, and either click the link that says Confirm my account or copy and paste the given URL in your preferred internet browser.
  5. You will then be asked to enter in a password, which will be your password to access the control panel and wiki.

This password should be:

  • Unique to your account and not reused (reusing passwords makes you vulnerable to credential stuffing attacks which worsens your security across all your accounts, not just MinecraftOnline)
  • Be suitably long (15+ characters) and contain a mix of lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers and symbols
  • Stored in a good password manager so you can access it without having to remember it

You are now registered.

If you experience any problems during the registration process, ask a staff member for assistance.


An example of what a registration email looks like.

The Benefits

A graph showing number of banned as well as unbanned players for a given number of hours played online, as well as number of registered players. Probability of being banned drops sharply after 1 hour played online, and probability of being banned when registered drops rapidly. Registered players are likely to play for longer on the server.
  • Access to the Control Panel.
  • Access to edit and create pages on this wiki.
  • Access to 2 LWC chests ingame.
  • The ability to create shop signs.
  • A shiny new white name to replace your noob-infested grey name.
  • Access to craftbook ICs.