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"This is awesome! So glad i just registered!" Ldog540

The control panel is a system for MinecraftOnline players to access theirs' and others' stats, and various game features, using the website (without having to be in the game).

Control Panel is undergoing overhaul and is temporarily disabled. Most features listed in this page does not work due to this.


To register, type /register emailaddress in the game. This is done in-game so we can confirm your minecraft account belongs to you. For a full guide, see registration.


You can log in with the control panel link on the website, or with this link:


The control panel IRC client
  • View your own profile.
  • View other players' profiles.
  • Browse your friends list.
  • See your reputation, and view top and bottom rep stats.
  • Check ban reasons for banned players.
  • View your friends' facebook accounts.
  • View your wiki stats for this wiki, and see where contribution is most needed.
  • Browse in-game map images and find out map ids.
  • View your LWC chests, get map links, and unlock them remotely.
  • View your LionsShop shops, get map links, and set up alerts for events like selling out, filling up and purchases.
  • View your death statistics and latest death, with a map link to the location.
  • View renders of your own and other players. Also view the latest render and render queue.
  • Manage your /tpto aliases.
  • Accept or delete pending summon and teleport requests.
  • View your mail and send new messages.
  • IRC client preconfigured for the correct network and channel, with your nick predefined as your username.

Staff features

Members of staff can see additional information about players in their profiles, designed to help them catch griefers and ban evasion attempts. Staff also have the following features:

  • Refer to their own ban or note history, and compare against other moderators.
  • Check the system status of the server.
  • Vote in writing competitions and other creative contests.

Planned features

  • Midi browsing and upload for Craftbook music using [mcu700] signs.
  • In-game book browsing and writing for Craftbook books to supplement the /cbbooks command