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green_monuments.png Satellite

Historical view of satellite and dinosaur

Owner Tinowyn
Category Monuments
Underground? No
Public? No
Completed 2010
Size north to south 50m
Size west to east 50m
Height 60m
Coordinates X=254
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

One of Freedonia's earliest major independently-constructed buildings, Satellite was the largest single structure in Freedonia at the time. Featuring the first use of a water ascent mechanism, and large circles plotted out by hand, this once represented the furthest southern point of Freedonia. The coordinate system has been changed since; it is now actually east of Spawn.

Located adjacent to a sky-road heading south from spawn, and the increasingly popular north-south road between CatVille and Pokethedral, the major eastern rail link to Lava Town passes very close to it.