Lava Town

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nexus_cities.png Lava Town

Lava Town

Founder shypixel
Contributors MrDax
Category Cities
Underground? No
Fortified? Partially
Public access? Yes
Public build? No
Road link? Yes
Nexus link? Yes
Rail link? Yes
Boat link? Yes (Shypixel Route (Lothendal Route branch))
Portal? Yes
Coordinates X=3489
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

Lava Town is the fabled home of shypixel. Centered around the eponymous mountain of lava and Fort Dax, Lava Town is famous as the birth place of both Pigchinko and the Freedonia Railway System.

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Detailed Map of Lava Town
Bright Lights of Lava Town Plaza from the Rail Line
Fort Dax - the nearly impregnable heart of Lava Town.
A view of the new Aqua Park looking back towards town.
Pigchinko Park and Lava Town Plaza
The Voice of Freedonia building
The Pigchinko Arena
Safari to the past - Lavatown's original cliffs, as generated by the 0.2.1 server and seen on the alpha 1.1.2 client.
Roughly the same view today.
Safari to the past version 2 - Lavatown's original cliffs, as generated by client version Alpha 1.0.15.
The exact same view as seen today.


Long ago the area east of the Caverns warp was an undeveloped wildland. The area was dominated by a mountain with dramatic and improbable overhangs, surrounded by rolling hills. On their first night in Freedonia, shypixel and his firstborn, MrDax, stumbled across this mountain, and staked their claim. The initial settlement was dug deep into the mountain, in an effort to disguise it from possible looters. Fort Dax was constructed on the summit shortly thereafter, and immediately came under attack by the legendary bandit, Charlesbaechler. In an effort to thwart his sustained attacks, the two defenders took turns using secret tunnels deep below the mountain to bring lava buckets back to the summit. Bucket by painstaking bucket, the mountain was slowly covered with streams of lava, and eventually a solid lava curtain.

Protected now, by a defence that only the highest level donors or Staff could penetrate, the two began developing their claim in a different manner, Shypixel on the land around the mountain, and MrDax beneath it. As MrDax hollowed out a vast cavern beneath the mountain, Shypixel began work on what would become Shypixel Farms, a collection of resource gathering and harvesting structures. Working furiously, they added a Winter Funpark with a giant snowman - Frosty the Snowman - and spleef arena, a grand observatory, Ice Harbor, and the Creeper Preserve. Shypixel Hall was the first building to appear under the mountain, followed by Bluntmorpho's Lounge and MrDax's Armory. The Cactus Tower and floating village appeared shortly thereafter. Two things then happened that would change the face of Lava Town forever.

Just south of Lava Town, a quiet new player named Lothendal began building a stately manor. While Lothendal pieced togther the first of his many Masterworks, Shypixel was busily flattening a plain just west of the Floating Village. By the time Lothendal approached Shypixel about adding a possible rail link between their settlements to the line just built to the Isle of Muu, Shypixel had constructed a strange square half-block board, covered with pits surrounding a cage. The meeting with Lothendal was the genesis of the Freedonia Railway System, and the board was the very first Pigchinko arena.

The first, primitive Pigchinko tournament was such a huge success that many people began to help transform the original board into the wonder of redstone magic that would captivate Pigchinko fans everywhere. Such an arena required a plaza and stands to match, and the area around the board became the grand Lava Town Plaza, and eventually a park with recreational lake and the great Ice Arch. The Railway station became the main hub of the infant FRS, and as the rail lines expanded, Lava Town plaza was constructed around it. The march of progress on the Lava Town Line has relegated the Lava Town station from a major hub to a mere stop, but this has allowed it to retain its provincial flavor.

Today, Lava Town remains a sleepy burgh with few active residents, but Shypixel sometimes keeps the shops stocked and the farms, and harvesters in working order. While there are no large expansion plans at this point, Shypixel is always tinkering and improving various areas of the town.


Lava Town is loosely divided into several districts, each with their own unique style.

Shypixel Hall

The area under the mountain was built by a number of different players, and for those brave enough to walk under the lava curtain surrounding it, offers striking views and original architecture. Play Lightning Roulette, Shop for goods, or take in the sights of this lavishly decorated cavern.

Lava Town Plaza

The face of Lava Town, Lava Town Plaza is a large public area with resource harvesters, shops, services and public buildings. The Plaza is amazing to behold when all lit up at night, and surrounded by scenic gardens and topiary. Rumours have been circulating that the faithful who offer sacrifice at the temple will be rewarded by the gods...

Fort Dax

Even Diamond and Obsidian donors will find it difficult to access the secrets of Fort Dax. Rumored to hold the treasure trove of resources both mined form beneath Lava Town and the combined loot of MrDax's victims. With a dominating view of the terrain surrounding it, the Fort is an obvious strategic stronghold, with many secret passages, tunnels and hidden labs.

  • Features
    • After the Fact Insurance Sales
    • The Fort Dax Cannon

Pigchinko Park

Anchored by the Lava Town Pigchinko Arena, the birthplace of Pigchinko, this area has undergone several revisions as the sport grew in popularity and physical size.

  • Attractions
    • Lava Town Pigchinko Arena
    • The Floating Village
    • Pigchinko NPC Village
    • Lava Town Mine
    • Shyssentials Premium Shop
    • Black Bill's Import Market
    • Iron Joe the Iron Golem
    • Conception Ice Sculpture

Shypixel Farms

Shypixel Farms is a collection of public farms and harvesters built and maintained by shypixel. All these are open to public use with certain conditions. They have undergone several renovations as redstone and Craftbook features have been added. Many new players find the farms to be an essential resource as they get established.

  • Features
    • Shypixel Bakery
    • Tree Farm - Log Shop
    • Sheep Farm
    • Chicken Coop
    • Cow Barn
    • Auto-Harvest Cactus Farm
    • Auto-Harvest Wheat Farm
    • Auto-Harvest Reed Farm
    • Shypixel's Garden
    • Auto-Harvest Pumpkin and Melon Patches
    • Auto-Harvest Mushroom Cave
    • Public Cobble Generator
    • Vine Farm
    • Netherwart Farm
    • XP Grinder
    • Snow Harvester
    • Creeper Reserve

Aqua Park

The newest addition to Lava Town, this area has seen the addition of several striking buildings and event areas.

Ice Harbor

Lava Town's Bay is a frozen wasteland, but it was not always so. The harbor and boat are forever stranded in the ice since the introduction of snow and ice freezing effects. Anchored on the North by a great Ice Tower and on the South by the Shypixel Observatory, the frozen harbor hosts a variety of buildings, including the Lava Town Eco-Dome and the Creeper Preserve, which was once the only place in Freedonia to find creepers in their natural habitat. There is a hope that one day, the ice can be thawed and a route connected to the new Boat Routes being constructed by nosefish.

Winter Playground

Frosty the Giant Snowman looms over this small valley, and the Arena that bears his name. With a giant christmas tree at its center, and a floor of glass and lava, Frosty's Arena is a dangerous place to play a game of spleef. There are plans to decorate and light the tree, when the Holiday Season is upon us.

A Tourist's First Impression

< AntonFleant> ;OOO Admin!!
< AntonFleant> Omg
< AntonFleant> Nooo!!!
< AntonFleant> Admin!!!
< 14mRh4X0r> What's up, Anton?
< AntonFleant> THere's lava
< AntonFleant> call
< AntonFleant> Cant -_--
< dorn284> What?
< AntonFleant> Come to lave town!
< AntonFleant> lava*
< AntonFleant> ;OO
< dorn284> So what are you freaking out about, Anton
< AntonFleant> Come to lava town!
< AntonFleant> There
< AntonFleant> ;OO
< AntonFleant> ;(
< dorn284> What about it?
< AntonFleant> Is it normally?
< dorn284> Normally what?
< AntonFleant> That lava....
< 14mRh4X0r> Yup, that's why it's called Lava Town
< Menmeth> its lava town....
< dorn284> Why the hell do you think its called Lava town?!
< AntonFleant> Ah Lol


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