Shypixel Farms

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green_agricultural.png Shypixel Farms

The Grounds at Night

Owner shypixel
Category Agricultural
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Size north to south 250m
Size west to east 80m
Height 54m
Coordinates X=3643
Dimension Overworld
Settlement Lavatown
Map link

Shypixel Farms is a collection of farms and resource gathering buildings grouped near the Caverns warp.

Shypixel Farms was built by shypixel as a means to rapidly aquire a variety of materials. The farms are open to public harvesting, with the proviso that wheat, reeds and trees be replanted in the appropriate pattern.


Automatic Wheat Farm (Out of Order)

  • Maximun Capacity: 3 Stacks of Seed/Wheat (1 Stack of Bread per Use)
  • As with all the others, don't ask how it works, it uses Shy's incredible powers of awesomeness

Automatic Sugar Cane Harvester

  • Maximun Capacity: About 240 (Roughly 6 Stacks)

Automatic Pumpkin Patch (Out of Order)

  • Maximum Capacity: 48 Pumpkins per Use

Automatic Mellon Patch (Out of Order)

Non-functional flower and mushroom farm

Functional Wishing Well

Sheep pasture (9 Spawners)

Cow barn (2 Spawners)

Chicken coop (1 Spawner)

Auto-harvest cactus farm (Out of Order)

Mob drowning trap (Out of Order)

Dual level tree farm

Public storage silo


Shypixel Farms is located a short distance from the Caverns warp, with a lit, clearly marked cobble road.

It is also connected to the nexus System, using the east (orange) hub to lavatown.