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User shypixel

The Innovator

Known as Shy, Pixel, You, Orange Dude... whatever
Gender Pixel
Location Missoula, Montana
Nationality Earthican
DOB 1972-05-20
Occupation Creative Director/Software Development
In Freedonia
First joined March 10th, 2011
First building Shypixel Farms
Kit level ***** Aether
Legacy donor level ***** Aether
View profile and statistics shypixel Remember: the Shypixel loves you all, and wants you to be happy.

On March 10th, 2011, Freedonian citizens around the world looked up in wonder as a blazing comet left a blinding orange streak across the night sky. If the tales are to be believed, mere moments later a large egg smashed into the ground, leaving a large crater in an unidentified farmer's field of wheat. As the smoke dissipated, a figure surrounded by a faintly glowing orange aura arose from the shards and spoke in a godlike voice:

 <shypixel> hello
 <shypixel> yay
 <shypixel> mmmm, diamond sandwiches...

One of the many Shypixels dotted around Freedonia

Stuff about Shypixel shypixel whoever said that Snickers are satisfying was clearly not using the famed Candy Bar as a sex toy

ShyPixel is an old fogey with a ridiculously orange head. Seriously, this guy is old. So old that it's kinda creepy that he is here playing games with a bunch of kids. Somebody should call Chris Hansen...

He is known mainly for being the Shypixel. He is the purveyor of ShyPixel Bakeries, Freedonia's leading chain of stale, moldy bread vendors. He also manages (poorly) Shypixel Farms, a collection of resource gathering monstrosities that are largely a pox on the landscape.

Shypixel invented pigchinko! he is totally awesome. He is also mainly responsible for Freedonia's extensive railway system.

Shypixel as Staff shypixel God may have blessed Texas shypixel but the Flying Spaghetti Monster blessed Freedonia

Before ascending to adminship, ShyPixel was easily the most forgiving mod on the server, so much so that the other mods frequently wondered why he was even a mod at all.

Despite this apparent lack of ban-ambition, Shypixel is the wielder of the server's 1337th ban. He was promised a shrine, but for a long stretch of time was bitterly disappointed. AgentMuu rectified this by finally completing the Isle of Muu's Shypixel statue, arguably the flashiest/most dynamic of the entire collection (and also the most naked).

Shypixel voluntarily retired as admin on 21 July 2012, citing personal reasons. Ever the kind-hearted fellow, Shy left on entirely amicable terms and has pledged to continue lurking in IRC. His Shyheads are still being discovered hidden in Freedonia's crust to this day.

In his Own Words

 [In the midst of semi normal chat] shypixel there are 2 kinds of liars when it comes to masturbation shypixel those who say they have never, and those who say they quit

Shypixel is proud to celebrate woman's day every year: shypixel is today Women's day? shypixel I shall do my laundry in honor :P

He isn't one to waste time on minecraft shypixel so 1 hour for every four over the past year, i've been on MCO shypixel I bet heroin is less addicting shypixel I've always held that time you enjoy wasting is never wasted time

and he is warmhearted and gentle to all living things. shypixel i find sick pleasure in taming ocelots then leading them into lava shypixel I wonder how much people would pay for the right to press a button that drops a cat into lava....

Shypixel is definitely not a hippie. shypixel Hippies! Hippies Everywhere! shypixel They say they want to save the earth, but all they do is smoke pot and smell bad shypixel which differs from me in that i do NOT smell bad

In Other Words Drathus42 Shy is the definition of orange Enjoku Shy is an orange spraytan monster chivalrousWeasel Shypixel is only the greatest orange-blob-thing in Freedonia! Krenath Shy is the one with the hot voice.  He's like a radio announcer. AgentMuu man, make one statue of a naked shypixel and everyone thinks i have this weird obsession with shypixel naked AgentMuu in all his orangey, sexy goodness fmxstick shy, have you ever noticed you sound like "the dog, brian" off family guy? FlyingJellyfish shy, if you weren't around something priceless would be lost

Fellowship of Cake United (FoCU)

Shypixel is a charter member of FoCU, which he felt embodied his playing principles. He never did get around to furnishing the Fellowship HQ, the Giant Cake.

Shy's Creations Drathus42 Night all, behave or Shy will have to dip you in orange paint and hang you on his walls