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"From anywhere to somewhere in the flick of your wrist." - Acsidol

Warp Warp points, or warps for short, are admin-marked locations in the world to which it is possible to teleport instantly, using the /warp command.


Warps locations are designated based on three criteria:

  • A new warp must be unique, and impressive in a scale of construction or sheer epicness
  • A new warp must have a reasonable distance from another warp point
  • A new warp location must be in demand and have tourist potential, that is people other than just the constructors must want to visit it.

For the past several years, no new warps have been added to the list, aside from the occasional staff-sponsored project, such as /warp Farm & the temporary /warp Zeta briefly created to allow Youtuber ZetaSSJ's fanbase to reach his city. Mosaic Mansion would have gotten its own warp, had 100 or more people contributed.

Finding warps

A list of warps can be obtained in-game by typing /listwarps. The same list can also be seen, automatically generated on the official website at

You can find your nearest warp by typing /nearestwarp, and learn more about a warp in game using /warpinfo warpname.

Warps are also marked on the map, and can be toggled on by selecting the markers button and clicking warps.

Contributing to this category

To add a page to this category (which does not fit into either the buildings or settlements categories), please use the Template:Infobox_warp template.


Ultimately, warps will be replaced by Project Anubis nexus nodes and hubs. All destinations that were perviously reachable by warp will now become reachable via nexus transportation, and this will also increase the possibility for more local diversity, and the local transport nature of the project will enhance the survival element of gameplay. Navigation will be made easier by an intuitive colour wheel concept.

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