St. Freedonia Cathedral

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green_places+of+worship.png St. Freedonia Cathedral

View from a nearby roof.

Owner Waterboy0048
Category Places of Worship
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Started July 2012
Completed August 2012
Coordinates X=-310
Dimension Overworld
Settlement San Freedonia
Map link

St. Freedonia Cathedral is a Cathedral built by Waterboy0048, construction was started in July 2012 and was finished a month later, in August. The nearest warp to St. Freedonia Cathedral is NewHaven.


In July of 2012, Water was seeking a new project, and sought a large flat area in which to build something big. Finding the edge of a small desert he began construction on what would come to be St. Freedonia Cathedral. Many times during construction Water cursed himself for the size of the build, but those that stumbled upon it while he was working were impressed and often offered tools and supplies to aid in its construction. A month later, the Cathedral was completed and dedicated to St. Freedonia, patron Saint of the server. It is one of the largest structures in San Freedonia as well as the oldest.

Elements of Cathedral


Built in the Latin style with a single main aisle up the middle and smaller aisles down either side, with columns breaking up the pews. Many large chandeliers hang from the high ceiling to light the interior. Entrance is on the Northern face, passing under the Great Bell Tower. The Main Altar is in the Southern end of the Cathedral, being separated from the congregation by a communion rail. Behind the Altar is the entrance to the crypt.


The entrance to the Crypt is situated behind the Main Altar. Though ready for use, it has never been occupied as bodies in Freedonia tend to disappear and are not able to be buried beforehand.

St. Freedonia Monastery

Soon after the Cathedral was completed, a group of Monks decided to establish a monastery connected to the Cathedral. Though small, its presence has greatly benefited the Cathedral and the city, San Freedonia, that has sprung up around it. The Monastery consists solely of cells for the Monks, a dining/meeting hall, and gardens.