San Freedonia

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nexus_towns.png San Freedonia
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View of the St. Freedonia Cathedral.

Founder Waterboy0048
Category Towns
Underground? Partial
Fortified? No
Public access? Yes
Public build? With Permission
Road link? Yes and via InfraDelta
Nexus link? Yes
Rail link? No
Boat link? No
Portal? No
Coordinates X=-210
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

A city founded by Waterboy0048 in the North, near New Haven and the Sky Castle.

Map of the city

History & Founding

San Freedonia can trace its origins back to July of 2012, as Waterboy0048 sought out a place to build a great cathedral. The city thus has its beginings in the construction of the St. Freedonia Cathedral and the machines built there to aid in its construction. Following the construction of the Cathedral the model of the Saturn V Rocket was built, shortly followed by the Monastery connected to the Cathedral. With this start other buildings focused on aiding construction and survival were constructed which are staples of life in San Freedonia now.

One day, while adding to the town, a great railway was found to cross over an area to the west. In the hope of one day connecting San Freedonia to the larger outside world, a great tower was constructed up to meet the railway. However, the dream was short-lived as the railway one day had disappeared. With no purpose, the tower was scheduled for demolition. However, rumor has it that the tower was repurposed and used to dig out an air-shaft to a secret base deep under the city. This is completely rumor though and should not be believed.

The town is connected to the outside world though other means though. First, it is the Southern most point on the Great Frozen Road Network of the Northern waste. Second, it is connected to the Nexus network, coming into the town at an intersection beside the ancient monastery. (It is actually the opinion of Water that this is the easiest stop on the Nexus network from Spawn as all one needs to do is enter the nexus pad at spawn, and keep going straight as you pass though the hubs until you reach the last one then look to the first pad on the left.)

Current Notable Buildings and Features

  • St. Freedonia Cathedral and Monastery - First buildings of San Freedonia proper and still some of the largest and most impressive.
  • Waterboy0048's Townhouse - Directly across from the Cathedral, though largely abandoned and unfinished.
  • Porkchop Factory - Originally tooled to produce fine pork products, was revamped to suit the book-binding needs of Water to produce Steak.
  • Cobble Generator - A massive cobble generator and the source of much of the stone for San Freedonia. At a later date a basement was added which contains automatic furnaces for the production of Stone and Stone Blocks.
  • Wool Generator - An oft modified and retooled structure for the production of wool. Originally tooled to run automatically, the current incarnation requires workers to harvest the wool by hand.
  • Bank - Home of one of Water's earlier vaults, it has since been largely unused as the space was not adequate for Water's later needs.
  • Iron Store - A store specializing in iron tools and armor.
  • Inn -
  • Bar -
  • Prison - Great stone prison built to serve the needs of San Freedonia and Freedonia as a whole. Upon completion it was immediately closed as it was ruled that Freedonia needed no prison, instead opting to permanently e̶x̶e̶c̶u̶t̶e̶ ban people.
  • Fortress - A fortified structure near the river to protect the river-traffic and trade for the city.
  • Bio-Dome - A glass dome filled with a variety of flora.
  • Iron Inc. - Uncompleted Iron Gen.
  • Saturn V Rocket - A wool replica of a Saturn V Rocket made to scale. (Used to transport astronauts to the moon in the 1960's and 70's.)
  • Historic Ruins - On outskirts of town the ruins of a ancient village can be found, though heavily overgrown.
  • Tree and Charcoal Gen. - Spruce and Charcoal generator. Provides much of the wood and charcoal needed by Water for builds outside of San Freedonia.
  • Water's Base - An underground stronghold built deep under San Freedonia. Contains barracks, an armoury, and supplies to maintain a vast army. FALSE FALSE, IGNORE THIS, COMPLETELY FALSE!!!