Tedster Rail System

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green_railway+stations.png Tedster Rail System

Map of Tedster Rail System

Owner getplayerhead.sh?Ted1246&16.png Ted1246
Contributors getplayerhead.sh?Zen_Fighter&16.png Zen_Fighter getplayerhead.sh?Flippeh&16.png Flippeh
Category Railway Stations
Underground? Mostly
Public? Soon!
Started 27/07/15
Completed ???
Size north to south ???m
Size west to east ???m
Height 70m
Coordinates X=-10643
Dimension Overworld
Settlement Tedster Island
Map Link

Tedster Rail System

Hello and welcome to the Tedster Rail system. This is heavily under construction and was built slightly after the beginning of Tedster Island and the idea behind it is to add a rail link to Tedster Island and other places that getplayerhead.sh?Ted1246&16.png Ted1246 believes deserves to be linked to this rail system.

Where does it go?

Tedster Rail System has its hub on Tedster Third Island and currently goes to Tedster Second Island and Tedster Island

Its construction

Here's a gallery of its different stages of completion. Because it's mostly underground, it has a bad drawing of where the lines roughly go.

Who can getplayerhead.sh?Ted1246&16.png Ted1246 thank?

getplayerhead.sh?Ted1246&16.png Ted1246 can thank:

getplayerhead.sh?Zen_Fighter&16.png Zen_Fighter for generously donating two stacks of gold blocks, which has made everything easier about the making and laying of powered rails.
getplayerhead.sh?Flippeh&16.png Flippeh for volunteering to be the first person to test the rail system, which turned out to be a success!