Tedster Island

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green_towns.png Tedster Island

View from the map as of 26/7/15

Founder getplayerhead.sh?Ted1246&16.png Ted1246
Contributors getplayerhead.sh?Krenath&16.png Krenath getplayerhead.sh?Reseres&16.png Reseres getplayerhead.sh?thesprazzzler&16.png thesprazzzler getplayerhead.sh?Anna_28&16.png Anna_28 getplayerhead.sh?cam5512&16.png cam5512 getplayerhead.sh?tindwcel&16.png tindwcel getplayerhead.sh?Zen_Fighter&16.png Zen_Fighter
Category Towns
Underground? No
Fortified? No
Public access? Almost...
Public build? Very soon!
Size north to south 243m
Size west to east 243m
Road link? In consideration
Nexus link? Hopefully soon
Rail link? Link to rail hub has been built, it's getting there
Boat link? In consideration
Portal? No
Coordinates X=-11221
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

Tedster Island

Hello and welcome to Tedster Island, this island is still very much in the works but the page should be updated at various stages of the project's completion; it is being built by getplayerhead.sh?Ted1246&16.png Ted1246, who much prefers the name Tedster or Ted.

How it's being built

Tedster Island is being built by Ted1246 alone, but admin getplayerhead.sh?Krenath&16.png Krenath was a tremendous help by seeming to have automagically filled out the large frame that was going to be Tedster Island and below it - work that could've taken several hours of poor weak normal willpower.

The specific methods

Ted1246 thought about the city and built the path that goes through (roughly) the centre on both the X and the Z axis. He believed that building outwards from there until he reached the outer walls would be the best idea, so this is what he pursued.

Different Stages of Completion

Click on any of these photos to see a larger preview, then again to see the original files.

The frames of the main outer buildings from the visitor center have been built and stone floors have been put in all of them. Tedster couldn't decide whether to have a second floor on the outer buildings, but he eventually went for it.

The Four Sections of Tedster Island

Ted1246 had an idea, one that would change the concept behind Tedster Island. He had decided that Tedster Island would be different depending which compass direction you went from the center. He asked getplayerhead.sh?Reseres&16.png Reseres for ideas and ended up with this:

• A business district - with futuristic buildings - Skyscrapers or modern apartments.
• An old-looking town - pretending this was the original city.
• A large set of suburban houses - so some people would live here.
• A park - the sort of park that you would find in a busy city.

The Legend of the Walls of Smelterage

Ted1246 found that while he was trying to build the wall around TedsterIsland, before the first photo on the Wiki and before he had even ventured to the center of the Isle, he needed a way of making absurd amounts of stone with relative ease. He decided to do this by crafting and placing lots of furnaces; "why not do that in a wall?", he thought to himself. The Wall of Smelterage was born. It was unfortunately torn down to clear space on the Island so he could finish placing the wall there and move operations to the center. Ted1246 has rebuilt the Wall of Smelterage but has yet to have it placed on the wiki because he has no screens of it working in full smelteraging glory.

Secondary and Tertiary Islands

getplayerhead.sh?Ted1246&16.png Ted1246 decided that he would need to make a reasonable way to get to Tedster Island, because it is ~7000 blocks from the nearest warp, which is Forrrest. There was no Nexus link and it seemed like he was still pretty far away from getting one, so he thought about a rail link. He decided to make the rail link go mostly East and found that there were a couple of islands he could use.

Second Island

This island was found on the way to the third island. While it's small, it is also mighty and the use of it is still being decided. It's been claimed.

Third Island

Corruption on the Live Map?

This happened on 26/07/15


After checking ingame getplayerhead.sh?Ted1246&16.png Ted1246 comes to believe that something weird happened during the generation of the live map.

Who can getplayerhead.sh?Ted1246&16.png Ted1246 thank?

getplayerhead.sh?Ted1246&16.png Ted1246 can thank:

getplayerhead.sh?Krenath&16.png Krenath for helping him fill out the frame that claimed the area as getplayerhead.sh?Ted1246&16.png Ted1246's. Without his help, many hours would've gone to waste.
getplayerhead.sh?Reseres&16.png Reseres and getplayerhead.sh?thesprazzzler&16.png thesprazzzler for support and inspiration. getplayerhead.sh?Reseres&16.png Reseres can also be thanked for providing the single grass block that started the greenness of Tedster Island.
getplayerhead.sh?Anna_28&16.png Anna_28 for helping grow the grass more quickly with her donor /grassify command and also telling him about stone generators, more specifically the one at The Iron Reef, near Winterthorn.
getplayerhead.sh?Super_Ender&16.png Super_Ender for helping supply the glass panes he is using for windows in these buildings.
getplayerhead.sh?cam5512&16.png cam5512 for volunteering to do a small amount of help with the placing of windows and windowsills around the main buildings around the visitor center.
getplayerhead.sh?tindwcel&16.png tindwcel for telling him about a more accessible stone generator than the one at The Iron Reef, telling him about the one at EpicVille, which is much easier to get to.
getplayerhead.sh?Zen_Fighter&16.png Zen_Fighter for generously donating two stacks of gold blocks to make making powered rails for the rail tunnel to his travel hub far easier.