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User Ted1246

A friend of Ted's made this skin and forced him to use it

Known as Real name: Ted Hart-Davis; Edward, Teddy, Ted, Tedster, Tedward, Teddison (by Unkle_Genny), Silly Teddy (mainly by Anna_28)...
Gender Male
Location Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
Nationality Half-British, Half-American
DOB 2000-09-05
Occupation Cybersecurity and Forensics course at Edinburgh Napier University
In Freedonia
First joined 18 July 2011
First building Something near Residaemian? Probably removed for being terrible
Staff member Admin
Donor level ** Donor II
Kit level ***** Diamond
Legacy donor level ***** Diamond
View profile and statistics PlagueDoc1600:"Pure evil."

Ted is a great guy!

Ted was made a moderator on 25/08/15, at the same time as Xyginator
Ted was made an admin on 8/4/19, at the same time as doublehelix457

Somebody donated under Ted's name (taking him to Wood donor) on 27/01/16 and it wasn't Ted. Ted is confused. Later, a similar thing happened where he was taken to Diamond. He is very thankful of whomever did this.

Ted is a member of R.U.D
Ted's 600th hour was spent on MCO's 5th birthday!
Ted's 1000th hour was spent on New Year's Day 2016!


 < Anna_28> Teddy is silly.
 < supertec> Ted is a silly billy
 < Ted1246> silly is sexy
 < darkdiplomat> is there a hole in your shoe?
 < Ted1246> several. they're breathable, where my feet and laces go.
 < darkdiplomat> damn it; you ruined the joke
 < Zen_Fighter> hey ted
 < Ted1246> Hey Zen
 < Ted1246> Also hey Feb
 < feb1980> Hei, Ted
 < Ted1246> feb why do you say 'Hei'? If you're giving me a secret message in German I don't want to marry you
 < Eilidh23> Hehe its his was of saying hi
 < Eilidh23> its fine.. he's not proposing i promise
 < Anna_28> What for?
 < Ted1246> Infer somewhat from the name and somewhat from the deepest reaches of insanity you keep far away from yourself
 < Ted1246> Elias| that was a quick rejoin
 < LiquitoX> april fools? |P
 < EliasX_X> ? its was cool
 < Ted1246> its was cool??
 < EliasX_X> Lol
 < EliasX_X> YEs
 < Ted1246> if you aren't gonna cooperate..
 < EliasX_X> i am not gonna cooperate
 < Ted1246> famous last words those EliasX_X was hit with the banhammer! (17786 bans) EliasX_X disconnected: Permanently Banned: grief of chest in castle near Kurai Cho

Being promoted to moderator status along with Xyginator

 < SlowRiot> hello
 < PotatoheadNick> imma searching for a bunch of different servers
 < PotatoheadNick> ill continue
 < Xyginator> excellent
 < BokiHD_> hey riot
 < Ted1246> hey riot!
 < Xyginator> so just try and help players a bit, and you could be picked
 < SlowRiot> speaking of being picked
 < theschlozmeister> some of you may want to relog?
 < Ted1246> schloz why do you want us to relog??
 < theschlozmeister> that's why
 < Xyginator> holy hell
 < Ted1246> whoa!
 < theschlozmeister>  alright you two listen
 < theschlozmeister> imma show you how this shit works

 < LiquitoX> ted: if you want to demolish the tower, go ahead, BUT ONLY if it looks better afterward
 < Ted1246> well, I can't demolish it then. Not a chance.


Ted1246's NHCity House
Ted1246's Run City House
Community Castle.
Ted is currently working on Tedster Island, the Tedster Rail System and XT No.1246

Ted1246's First House by Emucraft


Ted is responsible for a lot of ban spam... Just look at it!

Ted on a spree

Ted is currently working on a Rm101, kindly gifted to him by Jossps.
It is located at 56 56 14200

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