Teleported Bread

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Teleported Bread
Teleported bread.png
Block ID 297
Obtainable Yea
Craftable No
First seen 4 April 2021
Limited? No

Teleported bread is an item on MinecraftOnline, which is obtained when you teleport with bread in your inventory.

When you do so, your bread will be transformed into "Teleported Bread."

teleported bread in inventory

When you create Teleported Bread for the first time you get the "Teleport Bread" achievement.

If eaten, the bread gives nausea effect and speed boost, and also gives the achievement "Yummy Bread."

If you don’t eat Teleported Bread and keep teleporting whilst holding it, in 1/100 chance it turns to Mutated Bread. When eaten it gives you nausea and temporarily glows.

Teleported Bread gives nausea if eaten


  • Teleported Bread is a reference to the Team Fortress 2 animation "Expiration Date"
  • Teleported Bread lists who teleported the bread in the item description, which makes it an easy and inexpensive way to get a collectible of another player
  • This feature was added in the 1.12.2 update
  • If you teleport with another player's Teleported Bread, the item will lose their name and replace it with yours