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green_complexes.png The UnderLands
Founder getplayerhead.sh?red_panda_sushi&16.png red_panda_sushi, co-founder = getplayerhead.sh?tyhdefu&16.png tyhdefu
Category Complexes
Underground? Yes
Fortified? No
Public access? Yes
Public build? No
Road link? No
Nexus link? No
Rail link? No
Boat link? No
Portal? Yes, linked to Nexus
Coordinates X=-2636
Dimension Overworld
Map link

The UnderLands is town that is of unique design since it is underground. It was started on the 21st of July 2018 and founded by red_panda_sushi. Soon after however red_panda_sushi's friend, getplayerhead.sh?tyhdefu&16.png tyhdefu, joined to aid the building of the town since that day was red_panda_sushi's first day on the server and he had little resources. getplayerhead.sh?tyhdefu&16.png tyhdefu with nearly 50 hours contributed greatly in this venture

Process of creation

Currently the ongoing stage of the creation of the town is excavation but some building has taken place to outline the structure of the town. We have mostly passed the design phase but there is still room for improvement. We decided to go with an open cavern that had bridges into houses within the walls.

Design stage

The design stage was very brief as getplayerhead.sh?red_panda_sushi&16.png red_panda_sushi and getplayerhead.sh?tyhdefu&16.png tyhdefu wanted to start quickly and it was getplayerhead.sh?red_panda_sushi&16.png red_panda_sushi's first day which made him eager to start something quickly. However getplayerhead.sh?tyhdefu&16.png tyhdefu being getplayerhead.sh?tyhdefu&16.png tyhdefu ramped up the scale massively.

Excavation stage

The design meant a lot of stone had to be excavated. This required lots of enchanted tools. See Tool Gathering for info on how we got the resources to dig.

Gathering Tools

This is one of the hardest steps with an underground base because although diamonds are abundant in Freedonia getplayerhead.sh?tyhdefu&16.png tyhdefu wanted a more reliable way to get them. getplayerhead.sh?tyhdefu&16.png tyhdefu realised that we could get diamond tools from villagers.

Villager Breeding

getplayerhead.sh?tyhdefu&16.png tyhdefu needed a villager with a diamond pickaxe trade to get lots of pickaxes. Luckily he already had a villager farm but they had escaped, due to a design flaw. After bringing the best villagers back in he killed the rest and wanted for them to breed. After a few hours a villager spawned with a diamond pickaxe trade for 11 emeralds.

Gathering Emeralds

After a lot of effort getplayerhead.sh?tyhdefu&16.png tyhdefu forgot how many emeralds he would need. He worked out that trading written books would be the easiest and then he could reset that trade with paper. However he underestimated the amount of paper he needed. He started harvesting sugarcane at drocota swamp but he soon ran out. He soon remembered there was sugarcane at snake town and suddenly all sugarcane was harvested in snake town. However, please bear in mind this is "decorative" sugarcane, according to getplayerhead.sh?snakyman&16.png snakyman, who then proceeded to also harvest in the next week, I guess it is his town after all.

Later tool gathering

One day, a very kind player known as getplayerhead.sh?Edelstadt&16.png Edelstadt came to visit and look at The Underlands, he then kindly donated his kits, which included the precious diamond pickaxes, not to mention the other valuable tools that came with it. Eventually this one-time gift turned into multiple and getplayerhead.sh?tyhdefu&16.png tyhdefu was able to supply his residents with enchanted pickaxes, which was well received. getplayerhead.sh?Edelstadt&16.png Edelstadt continued to give getplayerhead.sh?tyhdefu&16.png tyhdefu lots of kits and tyhdefu started making real progress on the town. He and getplayerhead.sh?SSPatrickz1&16.png SSPatrickz1 managed to dig out the third floor in the underlands in very little time. A beacon was also kindly gifted to getplayerhead.sh?tyhdefu&16.png tyhdefu which he used for haste but did not have enough iron for haste 2.


The UnderLands' current housing design has three classes. The better "plots" are larger. The bottom level will consist of many farms and be wider than the other levels. For the top level there are no requirements.For the second you need the not have joined at the start or make a donation to get the second level housing. For the best housing you have to have made a significant contribution to the town. Currently getplayerhead.sh?tyhdefu&16.png tyhdefu and getplayerhead.sh?red_panda_sushi&16.png red_panda_sushi are the only 3rd level residents.


These are subject to change since the town is still developing

  1. Do not modify anything outside your plot unless given explicit permission from the owner of that area.
  2. Please join the server at least once per month for the the first 6 months. We understand you may not be able to play sometimes so simply put up a sign with your approximate return date.
  3. You give us permission to remove or modify your build if we find it offending or threatening to our town or other people.
  4. When building you must follow the building rules

Plot Rules

  1. You will be show the borders of your plot, anything outside of that will be removed unless we have permitted it.
  2. You are allowed glass on the front of your plot provided the inside looks decent.
  3. Negotiate with your neighbour about building on the border. You may wish to double layer the wall, put glass or have the same wall. Bring any dispute to getplayerhead.sh?tyhdefu&16.png tyhdefu use /mail if I am not on. If an agreement is made both mail getplayerhead.sh?tyhdefu&16.png tyhdefu so I can prove both agree.


Underlands Staff

getplayerhead.sh?tyhdefu&16.png tyhdefu Co-founder and main contributor. Has assumed command while getplayerhead.sh?red_panda_sushi&16.png red_panda_sushi is inactive. getplayerhead.sh?red_panda_sushi&16.png red_panda_sushi Founder but now inactive. getplayerhead.sh?SSPatrickz1&16.png SSPatrickz1 Admin due to significant contribution to the town.