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User snakyman

robot derp fire/ice thing

Known as snaky, snak, snek, snake, snak food, snak cakes, gayman, dad, sanky, sank, snakyboi, snakywoman, the woman, snakattack, spronkyman, snakymom, and spankymom
Gender Male
Location ur moms house
Nationality Murican
Occupation Being a Legend
In Freedonia
First joined 21 October 2017
First building Snake’s Mansion in Snaketown
Donor level * Donor
Kit level ***** Aether
Legacy donor level ***** Diamond
View profile and statistics witchy1000 Maybe mom snaky is going to make you eat your broccoli and spank you if you are naughty ZENTHONX snakyman you watched too much tentacle rape snakyman is a legacy Diamond Donor and MinecraftOnline’s #1 antihero. A proud son of the Forrrest, he spends his days working on strange plans to take over the server, trolling noob towns, and building cities. He is known for being the main enemy of the EPU, and for working on some of the servers greatest and worst cities. Nowadays, he spends most of his time in-game managing Newport. Not many people have seen behind his helmet and looked at his empty, derpy, eyes, but those who have have never been the same. He is widely known as one of the nicest humans on the planet. He is the President of Freedonia Road Co. He was also a noble of BenEm, and runs the Newport Empire.

Popular Opinion snakyman is loved and hated throughout the community (he is pretty controversial, with a high amount of good reps and a high amount of bad reps, with his approval currently at 58%). He is widely known as a Troll.

  • At the time of writing, snaky has 225 total badreps. This is a lot, making snaky the most badrepped player ever. However, he also has 281 goodreps, making his total reputation positive. Skytrill snak is love, snak is life 1posa1 #lyingsnak 1posa1 #modshatesnak 1posa1 everyone hates snak 1posa1 even the mods hate snak FredrikFehrm He's the nicest one on here, you should get close to him FredrikFehrm And then you can use his niceness for your own good Time_Crystal snaky is very unusual Time_Crystal but in a good way DosMiniDoc snaky is special ScarClaw72 I dont hate him :o Nyancraft84 for some reason no one likes snaky IvanLeshev "Pee is stored in balls" - Snakyman 6stooges even if you manage to kill snak like 20 people will come after you api448 whats that have to do with anything AlphaAlex115 anna why isnt snaky mod TheDemetri I will not play on server that has snaky on it MrSlimeDiamond The only thing snaky says is suck my cock ffs why are you so supprised _WizardDev_ snaky should be admin but mco is corrupt

Snakyman has apparently also been banned from the discord over 5 times for posting wooden dildos and such. He is also known for typing his sentences so fast, they are hard to read. snakyman WATI waith wthat thefuck isth its

He also constantly advertises for his town, Snaketown, and if you ever see him online, you have likely seen him advertise several hundred times. snakyman move to snaketown
 snakyman left the game.

The Noob snakyman first wanted to join MinecraftOnline during August of 2017, but did not have his computer with him, and forgot about it until October 2017. On his first day on the server, he remembers 3 things: being called "snak" for the first time, finding Skyline and its 'free birch' building and adopting the ugliest wood, birch, as his preferred material, and how damn laggy the server is! He then found Forrrest, and decided that it was as good a place as any to set up camp.

The Forrrestrian

“Snaky forrrest is literally so ass why do you live there” - many people, many times.

The first place that snakyman explored was Forrrest. Shortly after joining, he created Snaketown, and he poured hundreds of hours over the next few years into the place. Snaky took it upon himself to repair many of the torn down trees in the area, and to make clear ways to navigate the warp to avoid ugly cheap cobble/wood/dirt pillars and bridges etc. Snaketown grew its connections, and as snaky grew his influence in BenEm and Freedonia Road Co., many road links were constructed connecting to Forrrest. This allowed for more cities to grow in the northwest oceanic region of Freedonia. Snaky later obtained a nexus for Snaketown, linking Forrrest to the Nexus system.

Everyone shits on Forrrest, but thanks to the efforts of snaky and his crew, it has actually become one of the most used warps in the past few years.

The Mayor snakyman I tend to be busy all the time with my bad towns snakyman puts all of his effort and resources into building cities. He can almost always be found at one of his towns; usually at Snaketown or Newport, and sometimes at New Snak City. He runs them them mainly by himself, with help from a few others. All 3 of these cities have a nexus link, and He is also town staff at several towns. He also owns Finland and EastCliff now, which means he owns 5 nexus locations, more than anyone else.

Cities Founded (in order of best to worst)

  • Newport
    • Newport was created with the goal of becoming the server’s largest city. It has somewhat achieved that goal, being as large of a town as any ordinary player can create. Newport is the main city of the southwest region of Freedonia, providing road links to many cities, several autofarms, and an XP farm that basically half the server is dependent on. Snaky founded the city and planned the vast majority of it. It has achieved the goal of becoming the server's largest city, with hundreds of residents and farms that the entire server depends on to this day.
    • Nexus Southwest (light blue) 1
  • Snaketown
    • Snaketown is the first place that snaky built. It is located in and around Forrrest. Snaketown may not be the most visually appealing town, but that’s because it was created when snaky was a noob. Be grateful it still exists at all after being griefed into oblivion by the EPU 13 times, and repaired by snaky and ickyacky every time, with no help from the inactive admins. Snaketown does have some nice builds, such as Shatlantis, Covenant, Isle of Snak, and more!
    • Nexus Northwest (purple) 3
  • New Snak City
    • Yeah we had ambitious plans for this city, but it was all fucked up by SailBird’s dumbass water wall he built (AS A MODERATOR, and the admins did NOTHING) to stop expansion of the town. It was supposed to be awesome. I guess it has some okay builds, and it is a major part of the Freedonia Road Co.
    • Nexus Northwest (purple) 3

Past this point these are more of just trolls than cities

The Executive snakyman im too lazy today snakyman worked on several cities and helped create many organizations, and is now in the MCO political elite. He is usually too lazy to do bulk works by himself, and pays his minions to do his boring work for him, or has AlphaAlex115 gather noobs to do it. This slavery includes cutting down trees, leveling hills, or gathering resources not available in auto-farms. Snaky has essentially created too many organizations and cities to effectively run all of them properly at the same time.

The Creator snakyman well here there’s a lot of unfinished builds snakyman loves building! However, many of his builds are never finished, but I will try to list all the ones with wikis here but there are wayyy too many to count

  • Various other builds

The Destroyer snakyman *Poisons horses at ArcticSnide's base in Charlietown after some good stalking, brewing, and elaborate planning* snakyman you said you do not like my town ArcticSnide those aren't my horses ArcticSnide Nice one. You poisoned someone else's horses ArcticSnide to get revenge on me snakyman is a feared snek on MCO. If a person harms or offends snakyman he tends to have violent reactions. This is why he came up with the idea of Gayetria, Soviet Eden, etc. He has many PVP kills, and no legitimate PVP deaths. He was banned from Peaceful Society for killing noobs that would not have stopped hitting him if he did not kill them, so he ended up killing members of their town 8 times. He was later unbanned. He has had multiple generations of his sword, Snak Food. snakyman donated to become Diamond Kit in late 2017 pretty much to spite some random guy who joined 2 days ago who bought diamond kit, and kept making fun of him for not being diamond kit. toastychispm8 snaky, you were just not destined to get diamond
 (MCS) snakyman got 50% off for !
 (MCS) snakyman just donated £26.00 to upgrade from the wood kit to the diamond kit! snakyman FUCK YOU LOL

Getting diamond kit turned out to be one of snaky’s best decisions, because soon, the donation system would end, making perks unattainable for about a couple of years. Snaky was one of the only active legacy donors at the time, and decided to sometimes use his perks to troll players and pvp. Being a diamond kit, snaky could create a /heal macro, which instantly made him one of the most OP players no matter what. Snaky was able to fight off entire towns of people at once because of these heal perks, and travel quickly with jumpto. r9q snaky be like: jumpto jumpto jumpto jumpto jumpto

Snak Food

Snaky's iconic sword, snak food, strikes fear into the hearts of many. These are all existing versions:

Snak Food

Snak Food I was crafted by witchy1000 for snaky to aid in the Czechpocolypse. This sword has all max enchantments for 1.7 except looting and unbreaking. It is currently displayed in the Newport Museum. This sword killed api448 and started the war with him.

Snak Food II

Snak Food II was crafted when snaky was in need of a new sword. It was made by snakyman and Paladin_Heihachi in his nether grinder. It has all 1.7 max enchantments except for Looting. This sword's most frequent victim was 1posa1, who he killed repeatadly during and after Lemonaid Town. It also killed Githis. It is currently in storage in snaky's echest as a backup sword.

Snak Food III

This one was obtained by killing SleeplessTheCat in his trap in Forrrest when he learned sleep was planning to kill him.

SleeplessTheCat fell from a high place. SleeplessTheCat yep I deserved that

This one was named Sleepless's Memories VII, the seventh addition to sleep's line of swords. It has all 1.7 max enchantments. It was renamed and given mending in 2022. This is currently being used as snaky's main sword.

  • 2024: snaky was killed by some people because Krenath gave them instant kill via admin commands. He died and lost his stuff, but kren gave his inventory back to him. There may be another copy of this sword out there

The Troll cxtch snakyman troll these nuts Selimbits well youre raging over a derp block guy snakyman was MCO's resident troll for some time. You can tell that he is a troll from reading the rest of the wiki. Just thought I should specify it.

Incidents Involved In

Aqua Snake War & Gayton

War of Finland

Eden Soviet Socialist Republic (ESSR) (soviet eden) Raflamar's documentation of snaky's assault on New Eden 1 month prior

Lemonaid Town

Battle of Rimini

Oh boy a lot more they just don't all have wikis

The Banned Player snakyman a snakyman a snakyman a snakyman a snakyman a snakyman a snakyman a snakyman a snakyman a snakyman a snakyman a
 snakyman left the game.  
 snakyman was hit by the banhammer! snakyman was banned on November 17, 2019 by walteratt after his macromod glitched and said "a" 11 times. He was unbanned in 3 minutes.

The Banned Player (again)

On December 15, 2019, snaky was once again banned, this time by FlyingJellyfish for charges of griefing relating to Soviet Eden. verydairyman snaky was banned for putting torches around a house and then the admins deleted the whole house

The Unbanned Player

His appeal went roughly like this:

 [TG] <Snaky Man> Hi can I appeal Krenath Snaky man, what's your ingame name?
 [TG] <Snaky Man> snakyman
 snakyman has been unbanned.
 snakyman joined the game snakyman Hi snakyman Where the fuck am I

On April 27, 2020, Snaky was once again unbanned by Krenath. This was a rare instance of an appeal with the condition of limiting the free speech of the unbanned player, this was due to the alleged harassment of New Eden residents and staff. Krenath Alright.  I'm considering unbanning you, but there will be conditions.  You don't have the full protection of our normal rules, like total freedom of speech.  
 Your pattern of harassment and your toxic attitude near the end were your warning about that.  Together with this talk you don't have any warnings left.

On May 26, 2020, Snaky's Freedom of Speech was returned due to good behavior and his warnings were removed.


After rejoining the server, most of the community disliked him due to anti snakyman propaganda. His reputation dropped 30 points. He continued to work on Snaketown peacefully, and then founded Newport. His reputation is continuing to rise to where it once was.

The Banned Player AGAIN

On November 17, 2020, snaky was once again banned because he claimed a mountain too close to Finland. He was actually cleared by the admins a day prior after KingServal was banned for building a pp on the mountain. Snaky was banned for "blocking off finland" when he technically had perms to build there, and since he gave permissions to the mountain to Serval after, they were both unbanned. He was banned for around an hour.

The Legend (27)

 snakyman joined the game. snakyman yeah thats right snaky cocksucker is here SketchyPixel holy shit 

As time went on, players left, snakyman became less active, and he is now known as an "old player." Snaky still comes on for a few days every one in a while, mostly if someone pissed him off on discord or to maintain his cities. When he joins for the first time in a while, it is met with ":O" or "OMG SNAKY INGAME?!?!" because people seem to respect old players for some reason even if they are total assholes lol. He seems to be remembered for being a notorious troll and his towns.


  • Waffles
  • Killing people who think they are better than him
  • Forrrest and Snaketown
  • AlphaAlex115
  • Being a cult leader
  • Auto farms
  • The fact that pee is stored in the balls
  • The sopranos
  • Birch Wood
  • Tacos
  • Helping players


  • Probably you
  • Most breakfast foods that are not waffles
  • People who are annoying
  • MoonIsMyCity (fun fact: snakyman is in his infamous youtube video)
  • Most people in general
  • Bad trolls
  • Otis_Wong - total bitchass
  • 1posa1 - assface
  • Everything that comes out of the mouth of 1posa1
  • Everything built by 1posa1 (except for his stone farms) (his stone farms broke so I redact my previous statement}
  • Griefers (specifically Githis, lemons222 and api448)
  • His many unfinished builds
  • When people call Snaketown "Snakytown"
  • When people build giant old wooden warships that: have no draft, their sails up WHEN they are docked, or made behind a GIANT DAMN WALL
  • UFP
  • When shit towns steal all of the new players and he can't get enough citizens for his towns
  • George_Mann and all of his bullshit highways and turrets fuck you
  • Cakeville


  • When you talk to someone/ask them something and they ignore you. At least just say no.
  • 1Posa1 - oh I already put that? too bad.
  • Cakeville


Enemies WaffleNomster snaky stop being an asshole or fuck off snakyman has gone on several trolling ventures and pissed off many people. He has been the target of many grief raids from the EPU. Some of his enemies (listed starting with the worst enemies) are here:

  • lemons222/ SailBird - Griefed snaky as a mod for 0 reason and continued to terrorize him on alts
  • 1posa1 - This guy just fuckin sucks at least we're both from New Jersey
  • api448 - mainly enemies with snaky and ADHD_Autism. Hard to not be his enemy if you played with him
  • Kraymen - Killed snaky while he was AFK for 20 seconds. Snaky made an elaborate plan with Aziroeth to get revenge. It succeeded. Details hidden because it may need to be done again.
  • Alspal - Asshole PVPer that got banned in 2017 for spamming signs (??). Repeatedly attacked Snaketown for no reason.
  • Githis - Githis and snaky were cool when they played together, until Lemonaid Town. Githis then got banned and griefed snaky.
  • People who lived in any of the towns he trolled at the time of the troll. This includes hundreds of people


The Snakymen in Newport's Ellipse Tower snakyman as mayor of Newport in Newport City Hall's press briefing room