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User 76x

Lava monster

Location Northern America
Occupation Explorer / Editor
In Freedonia
First joined 26 February 2019
Donor level * Donor
View profile and statistics 76x is a former Moderator, who was banned on 14 June 2019 for ban evasion of SailBird.
Below is his former wiki page content: 76x is a simple explorer. He joined the server to explore the vast history in Freedonia. He loves the wiki and making sure it is up to date, so years in the future people can look back like he looks back upon the years before he joined. If you ever need help editing the wiki or want help improving your wiki page you can always contact him!

On April 1st (April Fools Day) 2019 there were over 150 new "moderators" promoted via the /votemod command. After the dust had settled and the /votemod command was removed two names strangely stayed blue. tyhdefu and 76x were secretly actually promoted to moderator. Funnily enough, this made 76x the 76th mod promoted at the time. tyhdefu and 76x posing for a picture shortly after being promoted

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