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User SailBird
Known as Sail, Aye,
Gender Male
Location North America
Nationality American
Occupation Professional Liar and Ban Evader
In Freedonia
First joined July 29th, 2016
Donor level ***** Aether
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Also known as: AyeMockingBird, AyeMB, AyeMD, FelixAo, FelixArgylex, lemons222, Hibiki_Kai, 76x.

Legacy OG Fakestaff member, ex-moderator, E Pluribus Unum griefer.

Notable Projects/builds on the server

Phoenix Isles

  • A city on a series of giant artificial islands still being constructed. Given to Anna_28 to finish


  • Some giant pixel art in the ocean of an anime character. Given to Markrafter9 to finish

Modding lemons222

For almost a year, SailBird had an alternate identity as lemons222. Lemons did some pretty bad things, breaking all the rules on the signs ingame. Eventually he got bored and ended up stopping because breaking the rules was so easy that it seemed almost pointless. On October 2018 SailBird was finally banned. Hibiki_Kai

Another player which was an alternate identity used by SailBird in an attempt to evade his ban. 76x

SailBird also managed to evade his ban once again on 76x, and even got promoted to moderator during April 1st promotions. But repeated the same mistakes as last time by continuing to grief on other accounts while leaking staff chat contents to other griefers and ban evaders.

Other accounts

Many other accounts have also been banned for ban evasion of SailBird and other EPU members. In the end their grief gets fixed and it is as if they never even joined.

Some Screenshots