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User ApexVII
Known as Apex
Gender Male
In Freedonia
First joined June 18th 2012
Kit level *GOD*
Legacy donor level *GOD*
View profile and statistics ApexVII was a moderator from June 18th, 2012, to October 6th 2019.

Although he's only been a mod for a couple of months now, he has vast knowledge about the server and its community. Some say it's dark magic, others say it's just in his nature that he knows all. But, till this day it remains a mystery.


  • People that like to help others overcome certain obstacles
  • Redstone contraptions - but ever since the Redstone torches have been acting up, it's hard to find good projects/contraptions.
  • Big builds that have a purpose
  • Likes lightning, a lot.
  • The occasional shield and sword battles
  • His trusty Wood Pickaxe


  • Mob Grinders - Since people leave their machines unattended with a shit-ton of mobs pouring out of their encasing.
  • People that seek attention.
  • Griefers


  • TBD