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User Bowbee

A warm hearted panda

Known as Bowb, Bowby, Panda
Gender Man
Location Denmark
Nationality Croatia
DOB 1997-06-16
Occupation Being nice
In Freedonia
First joined 08 June 2016
First building His unfinished house
Kit level *GOD*
Legacy donor level *GOD*
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Where can one Find this PANDA?

Bowbee streams on MCO and has done a fair bit of recording on the server as well, so if you want to follow his story on the server here are few useful links:

Who is this PANDA ?

The most important thing to know about Bowby is that he is a kind person that likes to talk to people about their day and to look at what they are working on. He is a person who puts helping on another player's build before his own projects. That's also one of the reasons his own projects take a long time to finish ; )

Bowby treats everyone alike. A brand new player, or someone even more experienced than Bowby will get his full attention as he trys to understand what someone needs, and then will do his best to give help requested. Many people chat to him privately to ask about how he is doing, but he'd rather keep everything in open chat for all online players to see because he thinks that it's nice to follow the chatter while playing Minecraft (speaking from experience).

If you have seen him online you will see that him typing skill is not the best. Bowby started to learn English in February 2015 so people are willing to overlook his typos in chat, especially as uses it to share his plans and offer to help others.

Bowby was born in Croatia but now lives in Denmark so Danish and Croat are his mother tongues. He has a degree in languages and works as a translator in real life in Danish, Croat, Serbian, Bosnian, Slovak & Norwegian. His is currently working on improving his English & French and plans to learn Russian, Swedish & German in the future.


Its no secret that Bowbee takes pride in being a Donor and has been a supporter of the server for a long time. But there is a story in the donations that Bowbee has made.

Why do I Donate?

To begin with Bowby thinks everyone should be a donor if they can! He likes to help other players by donating on their behalf so they gain donation rank, and also Optifine caps. Bowbee is happy to use some of his own money to put a smile the faces of other players. Most most of his donations are public, but has also made anonymous donations to surprise a few deserving players that suddenly have an unexpected rank on the server.

Obsidian Donation

After only 2 months Bowbee wanted to be able to move around the server faster and donated to be able to teleport, one of the benefits of an Obsidian level donation. Before he became a moderator he would often teleport new players to a place were they could get started with building a home base. Sprazzzler did the same things for Bowbee when he was new on the server and he likes to pass on the favour to others.

Nether time!

Eventually Bowbee was building in the Nether enough that that having then Nether rank would give him all the same powers there that he had in the Overworld. He even received a 25% discount on the donation because he had just been promoted to be a moderator .

Aether time!

Bowbee became well known as a helpful moderator so a lot of players would ask for help with things that even a moderator could not do. Raising his rank to Aether was the solution.

Bowbee The God?

On Black Friday 2016 the server offered a 50% discount on buying a rank so Bowby tried to rise to god rank, but a problem with the payment caused him to get Demigod status instead. Bowby does not see much difference between the Aether and Demigod ranks so he still plans one day to rise to God rank.

You will see that he changes his prefix in chat often. That is because he has not yet found the perfect one, so he keeps trying new ones out

First Talk with SlowRiot

It was a standard day Bowbee was walking around seeing some new stuff on the server, Jman was showing Bowbee around some projects she been working on and suddenly there was a name you never seen on IRC before, but you know who it was. Just casually did a !lastseen himself from IRC and then began to talk to Bowbee about if he enjoyed the server. Bowbee stop walking and the only thing he said was "uh are you real?".

The evening my chat name turned blue

Of course it was the real SlowRiot in IRC and he said, "I think we need a little more blue". In the background Jman was nearly spamming the channel with "more blue, more blue, more blue". Then Bowbee asked of SlowRiot "are you getting in game?" But then Bowbee froze … something was different. He did not say a thing for half a minute and then emitted, "wait what!!?!" as he he realized that he was now a moderator. Then he began to spam, "OMG THANK YOU, THANK YOU!" as SlowRiot emoted a laugh and left the IRC with a last instruction, "Jman, show Bowbee the ropes".

Moderator Time!

Damn Boy! A Moderators chat! It's insane! Bowbee didn't understand all the numbers what were popping up in his chat so to help him Jman asked if Bowbee would like to come with him to check out some of the grief report Bowby was seeing. Jman's instruction was "Just do /gcheck and then tell it which report you want to look into, without telling him it would do a teleport. So Bowbee did "/gcheck <some player on the server>" and then appeared next to the player. The player was like "what!?" So Bowbee thought he was mistaken, told the player that they had a nice name and moved on. Later on jman explained more about how the gcheck system worked so that Bowby could use it correctly.

The first Ban

When Bowbee been a moderator for seven days a player named boOSteRso6 was griefing heavily and made it clear that he was not going to follow the rules. Bowbee had to ban him.

Bowbee later contacted Anna to ask her if she think Bowbee had been too harsh, but her reply was that Bowbee needed to stand by his choices as a moderator and that he should not doubt himself.

Funniest encounter

  < Bowbyslag>: hallo chitty
  < ChittyD>: I know what this looks like Bowby, and I can explain

Chitty was logged on using an alternate account of his because he was lazy to log in with his real account. When Bowbee responded to a Grief Alert by teleporting to the location he saw Chitty destroying his own house to get past the CraftBook security measures he had installed while in his normal account.

The Interrogation Room

Working on a fancy new room room for moderator - griefer conversations.

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